Twenty One Whole30 Grilling Recipes

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Whole30 grilling recipes for chicken, beef, pork, seafood, and side dishes. These easy recipes ensure you won't get bored.

For anyone doing a Whole30 or following a Paleo diet, the grill can be your best friend. With a focus on meat and veggies, the grill adds a ton of flavor without needing lots of extra ingredients. Need more Whole30 ideas? Check out these Whole30 Slow Cooker recipes.

It may seem like a natural fit, but many people I have spoken to seem to forget all about the grill when following the Whole30 and/or Paleo diets. However, the grill is seriously one of the best things for making protein and veggies that taste amazing. With simple marinades and spice rubs, grilled meats and veggies can taste truly incredible. 

Plus grilled leftovers are perfect for big salads, breakfast scrambles, and lettuce wraps. All of these recipes are quick, packed with flavor, and perfect for any time of year. So get out your grill and try these Whole30 grilling favorites.

1. Grilled Cilantro Lime Chicken - You'll want to eat this simple cilantro lime marinade on everything, we use it on everything from steak to chicken to fresh veggies.

Grilled Cilantro Lime Chicken

2. Balsamic Flank Steak and Tomatoes - This dinner looks fancy but is ready under 20 minutes on the grill or under the broiler.

Balsamic Flank Steak and Tomatoes

3. Easy Grilled Vegetables - A delicious combination of asparagus, zucchini, tomatoes, carrots, and red onion in a simple garlic and balsamic marinade.

Easy Grilled Vegetables

4. Grilled Chicken with Peach and Cucumber Salsa makes a tasty summer meal with just the right amount of sweetness from the peaches.

Grilled Chicken with Peach and Cucumber Salsa

5. Grilled Chicken Sausages and Vegetables - Grab your favorite Whole30 compliant sausage and make this yummy meal in about 15 minutes.

Grilled Chicken Sausages and Vegetables

6. Garlic Grilled Broccoli - It can be easy to come up with a Whole30 dinner idea but the side dishes get tricky. Luckily this amazing grilled broccoli can be paired with almost any meal.

Garlic Grilled Broccoli

7. Grilled Chicken with Mango Salsa - filled with Asian flavors and makes a quick and easy dinner, just use coconut aminos to keep it Whole30.

Grilled Soy Ginger Chicken with Mango Salsa

8. Grilled Spice Rubbed Salmon - throwing fish on the grill is one of the best way to prepare it and this spice rub adds just the right amount of kick.

Grilled Spice Rubbed Salmon

9. Grilled Zucchini - take advantage of all the summer zucchini and squash to make this easy side dish packed with lemon flavor.

Grilled zucchini on a cutting board

10. Grilled Turkey Lula Kebabs - packed with Mediterranean flavors, these kebabs made with ground turkey, beef, or lamb will quickly become a favorite meal.

Grilled Turkey Lula Kebabs

11. Citrus Marinated Carne Asada can be wrapped up in lettuce leaves or eaten on its own for an amazing Mexican meal.

Carne Asada

12. Turkey Apple Burgers - are a creative spin on a traditional burger and the apple ensures the burger stays moist. Serve it wrapped in lettuce, portobello mushrooms, or sweet potato buns.

Turkey Apple Burgers

13. Grilled Basil Lime Chicken - full of flavor, this isn't a boring chicken breast recipe.

Grilled Basil Lime Chicken

14. Cajun Shrimp Kabobs with a homemade Cajun spice blend are ready in no time on the grill or in the oven.

Cajun Shrimp Kabobs

15. Lemon and Smoked Paprika Chicken Thighs - if you don't cook often with smoked paprika, you are missing out! It adds a ton of flavor to any dish and makes this chicken something you will want to eat again and again.

Lemon and Smoked Paprika Chicken Thighs

16. Grilled Lemon Pepper Mahi Mahi- this often overlook fish is a meaty white fish that comes out great on the grill.

Grilled lemon pepper mahi mahi on a plate with rice and broccoli.

17. Green Chile Turkey Burgers - the secret is the green chile topping and pickled red onions for a turkey burger that is anything but bland.

Green Chile Turkey Burgers

18. Grilled Butternut Squash - makes a heartier side dish and you will love the smoky flavor that grilling adds to your favorite squash.

Grilled butternut squash on a plate with butter and cinnamon.

19. Lemon Basil Pork Chops are marinated in an amazing marinade packed with lemon juice, fresh basil, and garlic.

Lemon Basil Pork Chops

20. Easy Grilled Swordfish  - with fresh lemons and a quick homemade seasoning rub.

Grilled swordfish on a plate with lemon and parsley.

21. Cumin Chicken is a simple and easy way to make a moist, flavor filled chicken breast with just a hint of spice.

Cumin Chicken

How to use the grill for meal prep on the Whole30?

When it comes to meal prep, the grill is one of the best options. Here is a simple plan for meal prep using the grill.

  1. Grab two proteins and four vegetables. Try to include at least one heartier vegetable here like potatoes, sweet potatoes, or butternut squash. 
  2. Decide on a versatile marinade or spice rub for your proteins. Choose something that will pair well with all kinds of meals. 
  3. Toss your veggies with olive oil. salt, and pepper. Keep it simple so they go with everything from scrambles to salads to dinner sides.
  4. Get grilling. Take an hour on Sunday to get everything grilled. 
  5. Let it cool completely and slice into easy to use pieces. Pack it up and store it in the fridge.
  6. Grab it to use to make breakfast scrambles, big lunchtime salads, to use on the side at dinner. Having this in your fridge will save you when hunger strikes.

Marinade and Spice Rubs for Grilling on the Whole30

  • Blackening spice: We love this spicy rub on meat, fish, and vegetables. Here is an easy homemade blackening spice rub.
  • Lemon and olive oil: Believe it or not, one of the easiest marinades is also the most delicious. Combine equal parts of olive oil and lemon juice. Season with salt, pepper, and any herbs you like.
  • Jalapeno Lime: Combine equal parts lime juice and olive oil. Add fresh chopped jalapeno peppers, cilantro, salt, and pepper.
  • Mustad balsamic: Combine equal parts Dijon or whole grain mustard, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil. Add minced garlic, salt, and pepper.
  • Steak seasoning: For something super easy, grab a bottle of steak or chicken seasoning in the store. Make sure it doesn't contain any added sugar.
  • Taco seasoning: Add some spice to your proteins and veggies with a homemade taco seasoning.
  • Coconut curry: Use canned coconut milk, compliant curry paste, and a splash of coconut aminos to make a homemade curry marinade for meats.
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