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Over 75 brand new recipes, 4 weeks of healthy meal plans, shopping lists, weekly game plans, & more!

With her consistenly delicious recipes and practical tips, meal planning is easy. Sally McKenny | Sally's Baking Addiction

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Trish Rosenquist
Kristen, the queen of healthy meal planning, has written the ULTIMATE meal planning cookbook that deserves a place in every kitchen. Trish Rosenquist | founder of Mom on Timeout, mom of 2
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Digital Companion

This book comes with an amazing digital companion that makes the meal plans interactive! Change the number of servings, move recipes to different days, delete recipes you don't need, and more. Get started.

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Why this book

If there is one thing you can do to make your kitchen life easier and less stressful, meal planning is the answer every time.

Ask me almost any question about how to eat healthier, save money on groceries, stop stressing about what's for dinner, and learning to cook, and my answer will always be meal planning. Meal planning truly is the thing that will make the biggest impact on your health, budget, stress level, and cooking skills.

More importantly, after talking to countless friends, readers, and loved ones - everyone could use a little help getting a healthy meal on the table. It's something we all want to do, but with our busy lives, it's just hard sometimes. This book hopes to change that. It worked for me. It's worked for countless readers. I know it can work for you.

What'll you find in this cookbook

  • 75 brand new recipes that were created just for this cookbook. They are easy to make, taste amazing, and work every time. All with beautiful photos, cooking tips, and more.
  • Weekly calendars and shopping lists including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and side dishes! It's everything you need to eat healthy all week.
  • A complete digital companion that will automatically adjust the recipes and shopping list to the exact servings you need. This book works for any family size.
  • Game plans and daily tips to make meal prep and cooking as easy as possible.
  • Kitchen hacks and shortcuts for nights when you need a little extra help.
  • Recipes that work! All recipes were tested multiple times to ensure they work every time. If they didn't get enthusiastic reviews, they were not included.
  • Easy and approachable recipes that were created with families in mind. Ingredients that are easy to find and affordable. Cooking techniques that make everyone successful in the kitchen.
  • Affordable and practical shopping lists that work for every budget. Save money on your weekly grocery bill and waste less.

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Photo of Kristen McCaffrey by the entrance of a house holding a reusable bag full of groceries.

About the author

Kristen McCaffrey is the home cook behind the popular recipe and meal planning website Slender Kitchen. With two busy little girls at home, Kristen is dedicated to making it easy to get healthy, family meals on the table night after night.

Kristen became obsessed with meal planning after years of struggling to find the secret to making easy and affordable home-cooked meals. Between busy schedules, endless nights staring into the fridge wondering what was for dinner, and a struggle with weight loss, Kristen found meal planning to be the solution she was looking for. Now she wants to help others discover how meal planning can make life easier.

Kristen lives in O'ahu, Hawaii, with her husband and two daughters, but she grew up in Massachusetts. Kristen attended the University of Notre Dame and has a master's degree from Loyola Marymount University.

Frequently asked questions

Will this work for my family size?
This book was written with all different family sizes in mind. The recipes are easy to adjust and work for any number of servings. Additionally, we provide a digital companion that will automatically adjust the recipes and shopping list for you. Just tell us the number of servings you want for each meal, and will adjust everything automatically.
My family is so picky, are these recipes picky eater friendly?
With two little girls at home and a picky husband, these recipes are packed with familiar ingredients used in delicious, fun, and new ways. All of the recipes were not only tested by my family, but also by multiple families to make sure they work in real life. You'll find updated versions of classic recipes like American Chop Suey, Chicken Fingers, Carnitas Tacos, Orange Chicken, and more. All healthy, all packed with good for you ingredients, all delicious.
Is it easy to adjust the shopping lists?
Every recipe in the cookbook has a corresponding letter so that you can quickly eliminate or adjust items in the shopping list. It's a foolproof, easy system that makes meal planning simple and straightforward.
Can I use this cookbook without using the meal plan?
Absolutely! At the end of the day, this cookbook is full of 75 delicious, healthy recipes that I know you will love. They are my best recipes and I can't wait for you to try them. The meal plans and shopping lists complement the recipes, but the recipes can also stand on their own.