Grilled Chicken Sausages and Summer Vegetables

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Grilled Chicken Sausages and Summer Vegetables is the perfect healthy15 minute summer dinner with delicious balsamic veggies.

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Grilled Chicken Sausages and Summer Vegetables is a meal we constantly eat through the warmer months since it is ready in no time and packs in so much flavor.

Summer is for grilling and sometimes the easiest meals are the most delicious. This simple Grilled Sausage and Vegetables is one of our favorite things to make in the summer and it is ready in under twenty minutes. All it takes is some flavorful chicken or turkey sausages, a bunch of in season vegetables, fresh basil, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. Everything is quickly grilled to bring out some smoky flavor and then tossed together for one hearty, healthy, and seriously yummy meal. If you want to add a starch to the meal, consider quickly par-cooking some potatoes in the microwave (or boiling water) and throwing those in the mix as well. Because grilled potatoes are amazing.

Now when it comes to choosing the sausage for this recipe, you can't really go wrong. Usually I look for sausages with around 160 calories each and tend to go for more Medittererean flavor profiles since they pair well with the basil and balsamic vinegar. However, we have also made this dish with spicy sausages and it turns out delicious. Some of my favorites chicken sausages to try are sundried tomato, spicy Italian, spinach and feta, and roasted garlic.

When it comes to the veggies, you can also mix it up as well. Green beans, asparagus. artichokes, bell peppers, broccoli, and cauliflower are come out great on the grill. Usually I reach for whatever I have fresh in the fridge. Lastly, as you might have guessed, you can also mix up the herbs. Instead of fresh basil, try rosemary, thyme, oregano, parsley, or cilantro. And if you're like me, you won't think twice about topping everything with some fresh Parmesan, goat, or feta cheese.

When making Grilled Chicken Sausages and Summer Vegetables, keep the following things in mind:

  • Most chicken sausages come precooked so they don't need too long on the grill. However if you end up buying sausages that are raw, they will need a little extra time on the grill.
  • Veggies cook really quickly on the grill and can go from perfectly cooked to burnt. Make sure to keep an eye on your veggies so that they don't burn. And try to cut everything to uniform thickness so they cook in the same amount of time.
  • Switch up the flavors in this recipe by changing out the chicken sausages, veggies, and fresh herbs. The combinations are virtually endless and dinner is always ready in about twenty minutes.
  • When it comes to side dishes, my favorite thing to make is grilled potatoes. Just parcook the potatoes in the microwave and then toss them with olive oil, salt, and pepper and toss them on the grill. You could also make couscous, quinoa, rice, cauliflower rice, or just a nice big salad

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Here are some tools and products I used when preparing this recipe:

  • High quality balsamic vinegar: Since the balsamic vinegar is one of the main flavors in this recipe, it's really important to choose a high quality one that will pack in the flavor and bring the right amount of sweetness and tartness. This doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune though. Personally I usually buy the Whole Foods 365 Aged Balsamic Vinegar and also enjoy this one and this one.
  • Usually I cooked my veggies right on the grill, but for smaller veggies I love to use a grill basket. Here is the one that I have and it has lasted for years and is pretty easy to clean. It's perfect for cooking small veggies or anything else that is likely to fall through the grates.
  • When it comes to chicken sausages, I usually buy Aidell's or Applegate. I find that I love of their flavors and I like the fact that they are less processed and more natural than many of the other brands on the market.

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The Recipe

Grilled Chicken Sausages and Summer Vegetables

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  • 4 U chicken sausages (or turkey)
  • 2 U zucchini, sliced
  • 1 U summer squash, sliced
  • 2 U tomatoes, sliced
  • 1 U eggplant, sliced
  • 1/2 cup basil
  • 2 tbsp. olive oil
  • 3 tbsp. balsamic vinegar
  • Salt and pepper

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  1. Toss the vegetables with the olive oil, salt, and pepper.
  2. Cook the sausages on the grill until fully cooked or warmed through. For raw sausages, this will take 6-8 minutes per side. For precooked sausages, they take 3-4 minutes per side.
  3. Cook the vegetables on the grill or in a grill basket.They should take 3-4 minutes per side. Roughly chop.
  4. Drizzle with vegetables with balsamic vinegar and toss with fresh basil. Season with salt and pepper as needed. Serve alongside sausages.
Nutritional Facts
Serving Size: 1 sausage and 1.5 cups veggies
Amount Per Serving
Calories 285
Calories from Fat 115
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 13g
Saturated Fat 3g
Monounsaturated Fat 0g
Polyunsaturated Fat 0g
Cholesterol 65mg
Sodium 503mg
Total Carbohydrate 21g
Dietary Fiber 7g
Sugars 13g
Protein 20g

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

The Nutritional Values provided are estimates only and may vary based on the preparation method.

Grilled Chicken Sausages and Summer Vegetables
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On Grilled Chicken Sausages and Summer Vegetables
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