Twenty Healthy Pasta Dishes to Try Under 400 Calories

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There are so many ways to make delicious and healthy pasta dishes! These tasty recipes use lean proteins, lots of vegetables, and lightened-up sauces for easy and nutritious meals.

Sometimes a girl just needs a bowl of pasta. For me, those days are almost every Monday. I know it's cliche, but Mondays just get the best of me most weeks. My to-do list seems never-ending, my mind wanders and misses the weekend, and the alarm clock goes off too soon.

So to make Mondays a little bit better, I usually plan on making pasta. Not only is it comforting, it's also usually easy and quick. Here are some of my favorite healthier pasta recipes, what are yours?

Meal Plan Members! Theme nights are a great way to make meal planning easier.  In the suggested weekly meal plans, Monday is often pasta night!  Consider saving these recipes in your Favorites or Recipe Queue for times when you want to swap in a new pasta recipe for Mondays. Then you can quickly adjust your meal plan without having to search for a new recipe.

On Twenty Healthy Pasta Dishes to Try Under 400 Calories
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