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Banana nice cream with creamy frozen bananas topped with chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, and fresh strawberries.

Banana Nice Cream (5 Flavor Ideas!)

Learn the secrets to making delicious banana nice cream! Five delicious flavor ideas including peanut butter cup and mint chip. Great healthy...

Healthy Mongolian Beef in a bowl with chopsticks with scallions and sesame seeds.

Mongolian Beef

This 15 minute Chinese Mongolian Beef Stir Fry tastes just as good as your favorite takeout but is actually good for you! Sweet, spicy, and savory...

231 CAL15 MINS
Salmon sushi stack with brown rice, avocado, salmon, and cucumbers topped with sesame seeds.

Quick and Easy Salmon Sushi Stacks

Make the most delicious Sushi Salmon Stack in less than 5 minutes with any combination of fish, veggies, and rice you like. Quick, healthy, and packed...

306 CAL10 MINS
Shrimp boil foil packets with shrimp, andouille sausage, corn, green beans, potatoes, onions, and mushrooms in Cajun seasoning.

Shrimp Boil Foil Packets

These easy shrimp boil packets have all the flavors of a traditional Cajun shrimp boil all made in an easy aluminum foil packet! With shrimp, sausage...

458 CAL40 MINS
Spaghetti squash burrito bowls with beans, peppers, onions, seasoning, and melted cheese on a cutting board.

Spaghetti Squash Burrito Bowls

This healthy, vegetarian spin on a burrito bowl is stuffed into a roasted spaghetti squash for the ultimate healthy Mexican meal. Add all your...

494 CAL55 MINS
Blackened ranch dressing with yogurt and buttermilk in a glass jar with celery sticks.

Blackened Ranch Dressing

Make your own homemade Blackened Ranch dressing that tastes just like the fast-food favorite. This dressing is slightly spicy, super creamy, and so...

35 CAL1:05 HRS
Crispy almond crusted pork chops with almond meal on a bed of greens with mustard sauce on the side.

Crispy Almond Crusted Pork

The best low carb and keto crispy pork chops coated in almond meal and cooked until perfectly crispy on the outside and tender on the inside! Easy and...

287 CAL25 MINS
Blackened corn with homemade seasoning served in a skillet with lime wedges and cilantro.

Blackened Corn

Make this amazing spicy corn dish in just 15 minutes with a homemade seasoning blend. Tasty charred corn cooked in butter. Great side dish.

190 CAL15 MINS
Basil tofu with green beans in a glass bowl with a skillet on the side.

Basil Tofu with Green Beans

Make this delicious tofu stir fry in just 20 minutes! Crispy tofu and green beans in a delicious spicy basil stir fry sauce, This meatless meal couldn...

241 CAL20 MINS
Asian peanut slaw with cabbage, jicama, carrots, cilantro, and edamame tossed in a peanut dressing.

Asian Peanut Slaw

This delicious Asian coleslaw is made with tons of fresh vegetables and tossed in delicious, homemade creamy peanut dressing. Fresh, crunchy, and so...

135 CAL15 MINS
Ground beef bulgogi bowls with Korean flavored beef, cucumbers, carrots, red peppers, cabbage, and rice in a bowl.

Ground Beef Bulgogi Bowls

This easy 20 minute Ground Beef Bulgogi Bowl has the most amazing sweet and savory sauce. Packed with veggies and a great quick dinner or meal prep...

419 CAL20 MINS
Steak tacos on flour tortillas with cilantro, onion, salsa, and lime.

Steak Tacos

These easy steak tacos marinated in lime juice and spices come out perfectly tender. Ready in twenty minutes and can be cooked on the grill or in the...

325 CAL30 MINS