• Daily View Widget

    Daily View Widget

    The daily view widget shows what is on the menu for that day from the weekly meal plan. You can click on any of the recipes in the daily view to open the full recipe. You can also use the arrows at the top to switch days and see other daily menus. This will automatically update any time a recipe or item is added or removed from the weekly meal plan.

  • Calorie Tracker Widget

    Calorie Tracker Widget

    The calorie tracker shows how many calories you've consumed based on the daily calorie goal from the Settings. To track calories you have consumed, check off meals you have consumed in the daily planner and add other items you have eaten. Use this to help track your calorie intake throughout the day.

  • Shopping List Quick Add Widget

    Shopping List Quick Add Widget

    Use the Shopping List Quick Add widget to add items to your shopping list without having to go to the Shopping List tab. Any item you add will automatically be placed in your weekly shopping list. You can choose the current week if you haven't gone shopping yet or add it to the following week's shopping list.

  • Weight Tracker Widget

    Weight Tracker Widget

    Use the Weight Tracker widget to see your weight loss progress as well as last tracked weight. To track your weight, go to the Weight Tracker tab and enter the weight you would like to track.

What people are saying...


"Love, Love It. This week my husband is out of town. So I went back to week 1. I have had the Korean Beef Tacos every night. Amazing. And love the slaw for the top. So glad I bought the Meal Plan. Haha, I even sent my husband a picture of the tacos to tell him how good they are."