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Great choices. Easy with the shoppers guides and a great variety with the points. The best choice I have made so far this year. I am absolutely delighted with it! Go for it people!


I, too, signed up for only one month but will be purchasing a full year. My husband is a newly diagnosed diabetic and I’ve been overwhelmed with trying to plan/cook meals that he can eat. The nutrition info. is a VERY welcome addition. I have an entire day’s meals planned for me and I can adapt if I need to. I passed the Week 1 packet along to the food/nutrition/diabetes department at Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga. They were not familiar with your service and thought it looked great… just as I do!


Well, considering that I lost 7 pounds the first week I’d say I’m loving the meal plans. I’ve liked almost everything I’ve had. The only thing I didn’t really care for so far is the Chicken and Spinach Salad, but I think it’s just because I used ALL of the vinegar dressing and it was just to strong for me. Some of the dinner recipes that are used later in the week for lunches we’ve needed to double, like the slow cooker Korean beef. The recipe called for 1 pound of beef, but my husband made 2 pounds and it just barely covered the 2 dinners, the beef burrito lunch, and the beef burrito bowl lunch for 2 people each meal. Same with the Sesame Chicken. If we followed the recipe for 2 people there wouldn’t have been enough for 2 dinners AND the 2 lunch servings. Definitely money well spent though! Just the motivation I needed to get back on track.


Thank goodness I “bumped” into slender kitchen! More importantly I am so grateful for your meal plans. These meal plans are delicious, convenient and so weight watchers friendly! I don’t ever have to worry about what I am going to make for dinner. It’s all done for me, including the grocery list!!! Low stress and healthy meals, who could ask for more?


We just signed up for a month as a trial, and I do plan on purchasing the entire year at the end of the month. Everything we’ve tried so far is a winner and I love the way you utilize leftovers, or ingredients you have to buy in large quantities. I have to make adjustments because I don’t eat artificial sweeteners (so no light breads, etc.), but so far that hasn’t been a big deal. I’m even buying a slow-cooker so that I can participate in Slow Cooker Sundays I’ve already recommended your website to a few friends who have recently joined Weight Watchers. Worth every penny! THANK YOU!


I have your meal plan for 4 – and really really enjoy it. I especially liked the spinach and egg cupcakes, with ham as the “cupcake wrapper”. So far every recipe tried has been a hit, especially the cowboy burgers. If you would like more specifics or a longer testimonial let me know. I would definitely recommend you to others!


I’m sitting here enjoying a bowl of the beef stew from Sundays menu…. It’s so good! I’ve saved money at the grocery store with the shopping list and hubby and I are able to eat without a lot of leftovers.


I’ve been cooking the menus since week 1 and look forward each week to the next menu. I’m losing weight in a simple, tasty way. I am a Weight Watcher member and so enjoy not having to spend the weekend planning each meal and snack. Budget wise, I’ve been able to cut my grocery bill pretty much in half. I feel its very worth the money paid and look forward to losing the rest of my weight and maintaining it using the menus.


I have just been a member for a couple of weeks, but I am so impressed with your service and had to let you know! We tried the free sample meal plan and were hooked. The recipes are delicious, seasonal and easy to prepare. I absolutely love that Sundays are the only day with a bit of extra work and then the rest of the week it fast and easy to eat delicious, healthy food. My entire family looks forward to trying the new recipes and I love preparing them. I used to dread meal planning and now I don’t have to. The ability to change the number of servings per meal and then have a generated grocery list is amazing. You are saving us money both by avoiding wasted groceries and by making me want to eat the lunch I bring to work rather than go out for something tastier! I don’t want to forget to mention the added bonus of the weight we are losing – my husband has had to put new holes in his belt after only 2 weeks and I have already lost 5 pounds. I feel lighter and healthier and completely satisfied. Finally, my kids are eating more veggies! YAY! I have been telling all of my friends and co-workers about your program. I can’t say enough good things and I can’t thank you enough for giving us the motivation to eat better and for making it sooooo easy! A tremendous value too! I could go on all day, but really, just keep up the amazing work and know that you have had a very positive impact in our life


I love the menus! I am a WW life-timer who needs to lose about 10 lbs. My first week on the plan I was down 2! Whooo hoooo! I love not having to meal plan and my family and I are trying new foods. The fact that breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included is terrific. I love having the choice of cooking for 2 or 4 and the fact that there are fallback meals. The food is filling and not boring. My food bill has also gone down since I am much more focused at the grocery store.


Love, Love It. This week my husband is out of town. So I went back to week 1. I have had the Korean Beef Tacos every night. Amazing. And love the slaw for the top. So glad I bought the Meal Plan. Haha, I even sent my husband a picture of the tacos to tell him how good they are.


I’ve been using the menus for 2 weeks. I’ve lost about 6 pounds using the plan. I love that I’m trying new foods and techniques. Thank you for this resource.


I’ve been following the meal plans from day one. I love love love the shopping list. Makes it so easy to stay organized and I’ve been saving money because of it. I have enjoyed all the recipes and feel like they are easy to follow! I purchased for the year and I’m a happy lady! Thanks again!


love the meals! It makes my life so much easier trying to figure out what we’re going to eat each night. Plus it helped me with the food rut we got in. First week on the plan and I dropped 2.4lbs! I’m realistic and know that won’t happen every week but I’m glad to be down.


I really enjoy the Meal Plans! The best part for me is that I don’t have to come up with “what’s for dinner?”. I like having that work done for me and appreciate that the leftovers are planned for another meal instead of wasting the food. I’ve been a Weight Watchers member since 1986-love the plan, kept my weight off and enjoy cooking.


I’ve been using your meal plan since beginning of the year and I have not had a meal yet the my family has not loved . even the pasta with red sauce ones ,which my family is not a big fan of . and the breakfast quiche are to die for . what about the Korean beef tacos mmm good . the meal plans with the grocery list makes it easy you get to print them off check and see what you have in your house before you go to the grocery store . I love your alternative choices so if there’s 1 that you really don’t want to use or if you have 1 of your alternatives groceries in your house you don’t have to buy the other food so u save money and use what u have on hand.


I consider myself cooking-challenged. But the meal plans are so easy to follow. The food is delicious and I really look forward to eating it. I think the price is very reasonable for what you get. I have lost 10 lbs. in the 4 weeks I’ve been doing the meal Plans. Thank you so much!!!!!


I lost 10.7 pounds the first week I used the meal plans.


I followed your meal plan last week and lost 2.2 pounds at my weekly weigh in! It’s super easy to follow and allows me to plan ahead and prepare myself for a successful week. Thanks for making life just a little bit easier!


We have tried so many new things in January and honestly, there has not been one that we did not thoroughly enjoy. Doug has eaten eggplant, black beans, and a lot of other things that he thought he would never eat!!!! And our grocery bill has gone down because we know exactly what and how much to buy. You have saved us both time and money as well as given us the motivation we need to cook every day. We actually enjoy cooking together each evening and look forward to it.

Doug and Lori

Love them! I’m a bit off-track this week, but have loved many of the recipes and have already developed several favorites. Makes trying to do this SO much easier – I would be so lost without! My daughter is loving many of the recipes too. An amazing deal and fantastic resource!


I don’t follow WW but i do like to cook healthy. The thought of menu plans done for me every week is like a dream come true and will save me at least an hour on Sunday. i will be getting the membership today!