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Stewed Basil Pesto White Beans

Creamy Stewed White Beans with Basil Pesto make a delicious and hearty vegetarian meal or side dish. I love the combination of white beans and...

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Lemon Thyme Tofu

Lately I have been making tons of baked or grilled tofu to have during the week for quick salads, wraps, and rice bowls. Each week I try different...

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White Bean and Tomato Tostadas with Cilantro Sauce

Whenever I am short on time but want something delicious and flavorful, I always think of tacos and tostadas. It's amazing how much flavor you can...

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Grilled Asian BBQ Pork Tenderloin

I had never cooked pork tenderloin until recently and have since fallen in love with it as a great, delicious, and lean protein. It cooks really...

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Chicken Parmesan

Having lived in Southern California for the last seven years, I had forgot both how beautiful a snow storm can be, but also its ability to completely...

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Chicken Tostadas

I love chicken tostadas and they are a go to quick meal in my house a lot that satisfies my craving for nachos.  Tostada, which translates to “...

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