Healthy Salmon Recipes

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The best healthy salmon recipes that your family will love. All are ready in less than 20 minutes and easy to make!

Eating healthy salmon recipes doesn’t have to be boring! I have gathered some outstanding salmon recipes that are rich in flavors and healthy for your body. There are many terrific recipes to choose from whether you are craving salty, savory or sweet. They are all quick and easy to prepare and come together in less than twenty minutes.

I don't know about you, but when it comes to fish, salmon is one of my absolute favorites. Not only is it full of flavor and packed with nutrients, but it's also a fish that you can find almost everywhere.  Plus it is a great vehicle for flavors and can work with pretty much any spice blend, marinade, or topping you like. 

So whether you are craving Mexican and want to try some delicious Salmon Tostadas, want Mediterranean with some Italian Basil Salmon, or just want a simple and delicious grilled salmon recipe, we've got you covered.

Healthy Salmon Recipes You Need To Try

Foiled baked salmon with slices of lemon and a quick spice rub.

Baked Garlic Lemon Salmon in Foil is pretty much an effortless meal that is a snap to clean up too! You just use aluminum foil and don’t have to worry about getting a bunch of dishes dirty. The honey adds the right amount of sweetness also.

Italian Salmon with Tomato Basil Salsa  - wild salmon topped with a salsa that consists of chunky tomatoes, basil, balsamic vinegar, and a few other yummy ingredients. Each time you put a fork full in your mouth you get an explosion of deliciousness.

Grilled Salmon with Honey and Lime is tangy and sweet and terrific when it is served with some roasted veggies. Add a garden salad with lots of tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, and light dressing for a simple dinner idea.

Spicy Salmon with Ginger, Chili, and Lime has a fabulous amount of spice to it that can be adjusted based on your preferences. Serve on a bed of asparagus, and you will have a winning meal!

Broiled Soy Honey Salmon can be made in twenty-five minutes and with four ingredients! Talk about an out of this world simple dish that anyone can throw together. Imagine not having to slave over the stove and still feeding your family a healthy meal even when you are super busy.

Honey garlic salmon with asparagus and quinoa on a ceramic plate.Quick and Easy Honey Garlic Broiled Salmon is probably my family's favorite quick and easy salmon recipe. The sweetness appeals to kids but it is perfectly balanced with the garlic and soy sauce.

Mustard and Maple Glazed Salmon  - the spicy mustard and maple syrup is a show stopper. With four easy ingredients you already probably have in your pantry, you can’t find a more relaxed meal. Serve with a lettuce salad and some rice.

Honey Glazed Salmon with Vegetables is perfect to load up on Omega-3 fatty acids because salmon is full of it! This dish also has summer squash, sweet red bell pepper, carrots, honey, garlic, and white wine vinegar.

Spicy Sesame Salmon  - kick up your flavors with this salmon covered in a sauce that has soy, sriracha, garlic, and ginger. Each bite is going to make your taste buds go into overdrive. You won’t have leftovers of this one!

One Pan Roasted Salmon, Sweet Potatoes, and Asparagus is a hearty meal that is loaded vegetables and it is so easy to cook. You will be thrilled with how easy it is to clean up too!

Cajun salmon with brown rice and asparagus on a black plate with a fork.

Cajun Salmon with an easy homemade Cajun spice rub made from spices you already have in your pantry has just enough the right amount of spice and smoke. 

Grilled Spice Rubbed Salmon has a drool-worthy rub that you will be begging for more of! Serve this at your next dinner party and your friends are going to be so impressed! Serve with some warm bread and a side salad.

Blackened Salmon has been perfectly charred to add to the savory flavor of this recipe. The seasoning is delicious and made of smoked paprika, salt, pepper, onion powder, oregano, garlic powder, and chili powder.

Salmon, Sweet Potato, and Avocado Kale Salad makes an ideal lunch or light dinner idea because it is filling but not heavy. The taste of the sweet potatoes, avocado, and kale with the salmon is heavenly.

Foil Baked Salmon with Asparagus only takes thirty-five minutes to bake and it tastes like you worked in the kitchen all day making it. It adds some healthy Omega-3 fatty acids to your diet and makes you want to devour every last bite.

Salmon patties in a cast iron skillet with fresh herbs.

Salmon Patties are healthy and provide a gorgeous presentation. Your family is going to be impressed with your cooking skills and will gobble up every drop. If you have anything left over, they make a great lunch too.

Honey Chipotle Salmon with Mango Salsa is a dish that has just the right amount of sweetness and spiciness to keep your palate pleased. The mango salsa is a beautiful topping that adds an abundance of flavorful goodness.

Sesame Salmon with Baby Bok Choy is a wonderful meal idea to change up your daily recipe rut. Try this dish, and you will be thanking yourself later - loads of tastiness that even your kids are going to eat right up.

Curry Salmon Burgers taste delectable and won’t break the bank when it comes to the calorie department. Sometimes you just feel like devouring a burger even while living a healthy lifestyle. This is the best combination of healthy and delicious.

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