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Instant Pot Salsa Chicken

This easy Instant Pot Salsa Chicken can be made with chicken breast or thighs (even frozen) and your favorite red or green salsa! Ready in under 15...

209 CAL access_time15 MINS

Mediterranean Turkey Spaghetti Squash

This amazingly delicious spaghetti squash is made with lean ground turkey, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, garlic, and plenty of spices and then covered...

375 CAL access_time45 MINS

Curried Chicken Salad

Seriously the most delicious curried chicken salad made with Greek yogurt, red grapes, carrots, celery, and tons of curry flavor. You will absolutely...

173 CAL access_time10 MINS

Salsa Verde Turkey Tacos

These super flavorful ground turkey tacos are made with just 5 ingredients and ready in less than 15 minutes! Perfect for tacos, burritos, quesadillas...

214 CAL access_time20 MINS

Broiled Asian Chicken Thighs

The most delicious sticky, sweet, and savory Asian Chicken Thighs that are ready in less than 10 minutes!! Easy to make, healthy, and super tasty.

244 CAL access_time1:10 HRS

Zero Point Weight Watchers Spicy Chicken Chili

This amazing zero point WW chili made with ground chicken, diced tomatoes, corn, and bell peppers is filling and delicious. Make it with or without...

226 CAL access_time4:15 HRS star_ratestar_ratestar_ratestar_ratestar_rate

Honey Garlic Roasted Carrots

These roasted carrots with honey and garlic are seriously amazing and make the perfect healthy side dish for any meal!

134 CAL access_time35 MINS

Crunchy Thai Chicken Salad

This Thai Chicken Salad with the most amazing sweet and spicy peanut dressing will quickly become your all time favorite salad. Crunchy, packed with...

339 CAL access_time30 MINS star_ratestar_ratestar_ratestar_ratestar_rate

Tuna Egg Salad

Delicious tuna and egg salad with crunchy celery and dill pickles makes an amazing lunch, salad, wrap, or melt. Healthy and packed with protein.

175 CAL access_time10 MINS star_ratestar_ratestar_ratestar_ratestar_rate

Easy Chicken Fried Rice

Better than takeout and ready in less than 20 minutes! This healthy fried rice is the perfect meal for a busy weeknight and couldn't be easier to make...

372 CAL access_time25 MINS

Korean Beef Lettuce Wraps

These tasty Korean Beef Lettuce Wraps tastes just as good as a restaurant dish and are easy to make at home. Healthy with Paleo and low carb options.

298 CAL access_time40 MINS

Parmesan Green Beans

These Roasted Green Beans come out perfectly tender crisp with deliciously browned edges and are covered in Parmesan cheese and lemon. With an option...

98 CAL access_time20 MINS