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Thai Basil Vegetable Stir-fry

If I am eating Thai food you can be assured that I have ordered some version of the Thai Basil dish on the menu. I just love the combination of the...

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Slow Cooker Char Sui Tofu and Vegetables

I love using my slow cooker but its hard to find vegetarian slow cooker dishes that aren't some variation of a soup, stew, or chili. And while I love...

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Beef Fajitas

Do you know how hard it is to take a pretty picture of fajitas? Maybe it’s just me but after what felt like hundred of attempts, I finally just...

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Low Carb Fish Tacos with Avocado Cream

Living in Los Angeles I have a deep, serious love for fish tacos.  My favorite always include spicy fish, crunchy cabbage slaw, and some kind of...

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Coconut Curry Quinoa and Broccoli Bowl

Coconut Curry Quinoa and Broccoli Bowl is a hearty meatless meal packed with fresh veggies, red quinoa, and a delicious red curry sauce.

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Sunday Slow Cooker: Green Chili with Turkey

Every morning I wake up and put on a sweater, and maybe a scarf, and maybe some tall boots, and then I step outside and realize it isn’t really fall...

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Thai Cashew Tofu

I fell in love with Cashew Chicken on a recent trip to Thailand and have been making it almost weekly since we got home. We both love cashews and...

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Creamy Zucchini Pesto Pasta with Chicken

Last night there was just a slight chill in the air enough so that it was the perfect excuse to make a warm, creamy pasta dish for dinner. And maybe...

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Chile Relleno Frittata

Chile rellenos are one of my all time favorite Mexican dishes, but it's a dish I save for special occasions since they can pack quite a lot of...

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Teriyaki Mushroom Quinoa Bowls

Grain bowls are something I make almost weekly to use up leftover veggies and protein I have in the fridge. Last week I had a bunch of extra mushrooms...

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Braised Spinach and Mushroom Tacos

So these tacos are de-li-cious. Seriously. But the photo? Ugh, not so much. My camera is currently being repaired after an unfortunate run in with a...

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Barbecue Chicken Pizza

I seriously love barbecue chicken pizza. Love in the kind of way where I could easily sit down and finish a whole pizza by myself, so I only make it...

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