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Roasted leeks with melted Parmesan cheese served on a plate with fresh thyme.

Roasted Leeks

Make delicious, tender, caramelized roasted leeks in just 30 minutes with only 5 ingredients. These leeks are seriously delicious with crispy edges,...

140 CAL 35 MINS
Vegetarian sushi bowl with avocado, rice, seaweed, edamame, and tofu.

Vegetarian Sushi Bowls

These vegetarian sushi bowls with tofu, avocado, carrots, cucumbers, seaweed, and sushi rice make a filling and delicious vegetarian meal. Perfect for...

631 CAL 15 MINS
Ground beef fajitas with seasoned beef, bell peppers, onions, cilantro, cheese, and sour cream on flour tortillas.

Ground Beef Fajitas

Make delicious and easy fajitas using ground beef! These versatile ground beef fajitas are the perfect dinner for busy weeknights with seasoned ground...

433 CAL 20 MINS
Turkey quesadillas with shredded turkey, black beans, peppers, and cheese cooked in flour tortillas with cilantro and salsa.

Turkey Quesadillas

In less than 15 minutes, make amazing protein-packed quesadillas with leftover turkey, ground turkey, or deli turkey! Easy to make, restaurant-worthy...

456 CAL 15 MINS
Instant Pot turkey tenderloin with roasted potatoes and fresh thyme.

Instant Pot Turkey Tenderloin

Make super juicy and delicious turkey breast tenderloin in the Instant Pot! Ready in just 20 minutes with an optional gravy. Easiest enough for a...

233 CAL 25 MINS
Healthy Green Bean Casserole with green beans, mushroom sauce, and a crispy almond onion topping in a baking dish with a striped napkin.

Healthy Green Bean Casserole

The best healthier Green Bean Casserole made with fresh green beans and mushrooms. No cans, no mushy ingredients, and the best crispy topping!

155 CAL 55 MINS
Easy roasted potatoes coated in olive oil and mustard on a white plate with dipping sauce and herbs.

Easy Roasted Potatoes

The best crispy roasted potatoes that are ready in just 25 minutes and come out perfectly browned and delicious every time. Seasoned with a secret...

159 CAL 25 MINS
Brussel sprouts that have been roasted in a white bowl.

How to Cook Brussel Sprouts (+ 30 Recipe Ideas)

Everything you have ever wanted to know about Brussel Sprouts including the best ways to cook them, nutritional info, health benefits, and more!

Air fryer turkey breast tenderloin with herbs and sauce on a plate with mashed potatoes.

Air Fryer Turkey Tenderloin

Make a super moist and delicious turkey breast tenderloin in the air fryer in just 25 minutes! Easy to make, foolproof, and so tasty!

223 CAL 4:25 HRS
Caramelized Brussels sprouts with browned, crispy edges in a bowl with honey balsamic galze.

Caramelized Brussels Sprouts

In less than 30 minutes, make restaurant-style crispy caramelized Brussels sprouts with the most delicious balsamic honey glaze. Easy to make, tasty...

163 CAL 40 MINS
Roasted green beans and mushrooms on a baking sheet with sliced garlic and balsamic vinegar.

Roasted Balsamic Green Beans and Mushrooms

You won't believe how easy and delicious these Roasted Balsamic Green Beans and Mushrooms are! The perfect side dish for any dinner and packed with...

115 CAL 25 MINS
Crockpot boneless turkey breast sliced on a plate with homemade gravy.

Crockpot Boneless Turkey Breast

Learn how to make juicy, never dry turkey breast right in the slow cooker! This easy recipe comes out tender and delicious every time.

366 CAL 3:05 HRS