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Easy Spring Mix Salad

Turn the bag of spring mix in your fridge into the best salad! Crunchy cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, spring mix, and an easy homemade balsamic...

130 CAL 10 MINS

Easy Honey Mustard Chicken

The most delicious honey mustard chicken thats cooked on a single sheet pan with baby carrots. Ready in less than thirty minutes and packed with...

250 CAL 25 MINS

Quick Refried Beans

The best creamy refried beans made with canned pinto beans (or black beans) for a shortcut dish that tastes just as good as a restaurant.

151 CAL 15 MINS

Easy Grilled Asparagus (How to Grill Asparagus)

Learn the secret to making delicious, tender crisp asparagus on the grill! A few easy steps to make the best asparagus you have ever had.

58 CAL 15 MINS

Easy Cajun Shrimp

The most delicious 15 minute Cajun Shrimp tossed in homemade seasoning mix and then cooked in a hot skillet with butter.

159 CAL 15 MINS

Easy Green Chicken Enchiladas

These quick and easy chicken enchiladas are made with a creamy green enchilada sauce, chicken breast, black beans, and plenty of melted cheese.

313 CAL 45 MINS

Easy One Pot Chili Mac

Easy Chili Mac packed with ground turkey, beans, tomatoes, pasta, and plenty of cheese is the best mash up of classic spicy chili with macaroni and...

360 CAL 35 MINS

Easy Corn Salad

This delicious corn salad is bursting with bright flavors! Fresh corn, cherry tomatoes, red onion, cucumbers, and basil all tossed in an easy homemade...

116 CAL 10 MINS

Easy Roasted Potatoes

The best crispy roasted potatoes that are ready in just 25 minutes and come out perfectly browned and delicious every time. Seasoned with a secret...

159 CAL 25 MINS

Easy Arugula Salad

Don't miss this restaurant style arugula salad that can be made at home in less than 10 minutes. Peppery arugula, goat cheese, pears, and walnuts in...

160 CAL 10 MINS

Easy Grilled Swordfish

These 10-minute Grilled Swordfish Steaks with lemon, herbs, and garlic are an easy way to make swordfish at home. Packed with flavor and great for the...

247 CAL 25 MINS

Easy Grilled Carrots

These are the best carrots you have ever had! Grilled carrots that bring out the natural sweetness with the perfect amount of char.

120 CAL 25 MINS