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Crustless Corn and Bacon Pie

This amazing lightened up version of a classic corn and bacon pie is easy to make and couldn't be more delicious. Made with eggs, fresh corn, crispy...

238 CAL access_time50 MINS star_ratestar_ratestar_ratestar_ratestar_rate

Grilled Salmon With Honey & Lime

This easy and healthy grilled salmon marinated in honey, lime juice, and soy sauce comes out perfect every time and is full of flavor.

256 CAL access_time30 MINS

Grilled Chicken Souvlaki

The most delicious grilled chicken souvlaki made with just five ingredients you likely have at home! Tender packed with flavor, and so good! Serve...

200 CAL access_time2:15 HRS

Grilled Vegetable Tostadas

You'll fall in love with these easy Grilled Vegetable Tostadas made with fresh tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, peppers, and onion tossed in spices...

404 CAL access_time25 MINS

Grilled Basil Lime Chicken Breast

This flavor packed grilled chicken marinated in lime juice and fresh basil is bursting with flavor and comes out perfectly tender every time.

202 CAL access_time4:10 HRS star_ratestar_ratestar_ratestar_ratestar_rate

Crispy Coconut Chicken Fingers

These baked crispy coconut chicken fingers couldn't be more delicious, are healthier than traditional chicken strips, and are ready in just 30 minutes...

314 CAL access_time30 MINS

Easy Grilled Salmon with Cajun Seasoning

This grilled salmon couldn't be easier to make and has the best homemade Cajun spice rub that can be made with ingredients you already have in the...

257 CAL access_time30 MINS

Grilled Hoisin Pork Tenderloin

This quick-and-easy Grilled Hoisin Pork Tenderloin is full of Asian flavor and ready in about 15 minutes on the grill.

199 CAL access_time2:15 HRS

Egg Roll Bowl

This delicious 10 minute meal has all the flavors of an egg roll but is made right in the skillet! Works for low carb, keto, and Whole30 diets!...

321 CAL access_time20 MINS star_ratestar_ratestar_ratestar_ratestar_rate

Thai Basil Shrimp Stir Fry

Thie takeout style Thai Basil Shrimp dish is ready in just 10 minutes and made with ingredients you likely have at home. Easy, healthy, and delicious...

153 CAL access_time15 MINS star_ratestar_ratestar_ratestar_ratestar_rate

One Pot Caprese Pasta

This twenty minute One Pot Caprese Pasta packed with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, and balsamic vinegar is the perfect weeknight...

320 CAL access_time20 MINS star_ratestar_ratestar_ratestar_ratestar_rate

Ranch Burgers

The most delicious three-ingredient ranch burgers that can be made with ground beef, ground turkey, or ground chicken. Super easy and packed with...

202 CAL access_time15 MINS star_ratestar_ratestar_ratestar_ratestar_rate