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Your New Favorite 15-Minute Dinner! Tostada Recipes to Try Tonight!
When it comes to quick and easy dinners, tostadas are truly one of the easiest options out there. Crispy corn tortillas piled high with beans, meat, cheese, and all your favorite toppings.
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Ground Turkey Tostadas

These easy and delicious Ground Turkey Tostadas are ready in just 20 minutes with ingredients most people have on hand. Healthy, filling, and packed with flavor.

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Salmon Tostadas

These restaurant worthy Salmon Tostadas are so easy to make! Cripsy baked tortillas with spicy salmon, avocado, and pineapple salsa.

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Easy Ground Beef Tostadas

These delicious ground beef tostadas are made with seasoned taco meat, creamy refried beans, and all your favorite toppings. Quick, easy, and a family favorite.

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Bean Tostadas

In just 15 minutes, make the most delicious black bean tostadas with spicy black beans, fajita toppings, baked tostada shells, and all the best tostada toppings. Easy and affordable.

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Turkey Poblano Tostadas

These tasty Turkey Tostadas with poblano peppers take less than 25 minutes to make! Crispy baked tortillas topped with pinto beans, turkey, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and salsa.

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Shrimp Tostadas

The perfect easy and healthy meal of spicy shrimp, creamy black beans, crunchy slaw, sweet corn, and avocado piled high on crunchy baked corn tortillas.

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Ceviche Tostadas

You won't believe how easy it is to make your own Tostadas de Ceviche at home using white fish cured in lime juice served on crispy homemade baked tostada shells. The ultimate warm weather meal!

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Vegetable Tostadas (Grilled or Roasted)

You'll fall in love with these easy Vegetable Tostadas piled high with grilled or roasted vegetables and all the best toppings. Ready in just 20 minutes!

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Mango Shrimp Tostadas

These super easy and delicious Shrimp Tostadas topped with mango, cabbage, and avocado slaw are the perfect dinner for a busy weeknight.

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Tostadas with Chicken

These Chicken Tostadas are a healthy Mexican meal that is ready in minutes. Pile your baked tostadas high with refried beans, chicken breast, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, avocados, and salsa.

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