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Let's Make Best Kale Chips and 10 Seasoning Ideas
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The best foolproof baked crispy kale chips with 10 seasoning ideas! Make these healthy chips at home for a delicious snack or side dish.
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  • 1 bunch curly kale (washed and dried well)
  • 2 tsp olive oil
  • 1/8 tsp garlic powder
  • Salt and pepper
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Let's Watch Best Kale Chips and 10 Seasoning Ideas
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Step 1 Preheat the oven to 300 degrees. Wash and dry the kale, making sure it is very dry. If the leaves are wet at all, they won’t get crispy. Remove the leaves from the stems. Discard stems Cut or tear into chip-sized pieces.
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Step 2 Drizzle the olive oil over the kale and use your hands to massage it gently into the leaves. Try and make sure all the leaves are lightly coated with oil, adding a tiny bit more oil if needed. Be careful not to add too much. Sprinkle with garlic powder, salt, and pepper.
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Step 3 Spread the kale over two baking sheets so they aren’t overlapping. Bake for 10 minutes and then flip the chips. Bake an additional 7-15 minutes unless they look crispy but aren’t burning.
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Step 4 Let sit for 5 minutes before eating so they can crisp up more. Add any additional seasoning you like.
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