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16 Easy and Delicious Rice Bowls Recipes
Rice Bowls are the answer when you need a quick and easy dinner. Find 16 delicious rice bowl recipes to work with any protein, vegetables, and rice you have on hand.
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Shrimp Rice Bowls

These easy bowls with seasoned shrimp, rice, veggies, and the best creamy cilantro sauce are your new favorite healthy bowl recipes! They are quick, easy to make, and great for dinner or meal prep.

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Crispy Asian Salmon Rice Bowls

Make the most delicious salmon bowls in under 30 minutes! Crispy ginger garlic salmon with tons of fresh vegetables, rice or cauliflower rice, and all the best toppings. Healthy and easy.

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Asian Rice Bowls (Build Your Own)

These build your own rice bowls can be made with any rice or whole grains, fresh or frozen vegetables, any ground meat, and an easy pantry sauce that is ridiculously tasty.

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Easy Sushi Bowls (Build Your Own)

The best build your own Sushi Bowls at home with seasoned sushi rice topped with crunchy vegetables, avocado, nori, and your choice of protein - crab, salmon, tuna, and more! All drizzled with homemade spicy mayo.

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Korean Beef Bowls

These 20-minute healthy Korean beef bowls with the most delicious saucy ground beef, vegetables, and rice is your new favorite easy dinner!

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Chicken Burrito Bowls (One Pot!)

This one-pot burrito bowl couldn't be easier to make! Perfect for quick and easy dinner or for meal prep. All the classic burrito bowl ingredients cooked in less than 30 minutes.

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Ground Beef Bulgogi Bowls

This easy 20 minute Ground Beef Bulgogi Bowl has the most amazing sweet and savory sauce. Packed with veggies and a great quick dinner or meal prep meal.

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Chicken Taco Bowl

Make these healthy and delicious chicken taco bowls in less than 30 minutes! Packed with tasty chicken, rice, beans, and all the best toppings.

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Chicken Kofta Bowls

This easy, 15 minute dish has all the flavor of a restaurant kofta kebab without all the work! Packed with spices and piled onto brown rice with hummus, veggies, and feta cheese.

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Hoisin Tofu Bowl

These amazing tofu bowls are packed with crispy tofu, fresh veggies, and brown rice. Everything is finished with hoisin sauce. Great for meal prep!

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