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I'm Wendy Zitzman

Dec 20, 2017
About Me
Hi! I'm Wendy Zitzman, the recipe developer and amateur photographer for LaaLoosh! Raised in Pittsburgh, PA, I grew up eating mostly homestyle, comfort foods. But now I live in Orange County, CA with my husband and 2 kids, and my eating style has grown TREMENDOUSLY! I definitely consider myself a foodie who loves experimenting with a huge variety of foods, flavors, spices, and cultural cuisine. My food philosophy is to eat clean, wholesome and nutritious foods that is flavorful and satisfying. In my recipes, I focus on transforming popular recipes into lighter and healthier versions, as well as creating new recipes that are quick and easy to cook. I love staying on top of new health, diet, and eating trends, and incorporating the practical ones into my recipes. I've always been a big advocate of Weight Watchers, because I believe in their philosophy that losing weight isn't about following a "diet", it's about changing the way that you eat and look at foods. And I love creating meals and recipes that my whole family can enjoy!
Favorite healthy meal
This is HARD!! I love food and have tons of favorite healthy meals. But my "Crack Slaw" recipe is my go to when I want a fast, easy, and delicious meal that tastes like Chinese fast food, but is MUCH healthier.
In the morning you can most often find me eating
Nothing! I'm a firm believer in intermittent fasting for general health, weight loss, and immune system building. Most days, I don't eat anything (except for black coffee!) between the hours of 7pm to 12 noon, the next day. It's surprisingly easy, and it makes my body feel really strong and healthy.
Favorite healthy snack
Raw almonds, hard boiled eggs, fresh fruit, cheese and crackers.
To satisfy my sweet tooth, I reach for
I'm actually not much of a dessert person, but when I do indulge, I love simple and clean desserts like fresh tart apple slices dipped in homemade caramel sauce, homemade ice cream, or a healthy, homemade key lime pie.
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