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Indian Spiced Shrimp with Mango Salad

I have started to fall in love with the Indian spices in my cabinet (aka completely unorganized black hole of spices above my sink.) They hid out for...

190 CAL 40 MINS

Coconut Cilantro Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower rice is one of my favorite low carb sides and I am always looking for ways to mix it up. Recently I was inspired to cook the cauliflower...

107 CAL 25 MINS

Sunday Slow Cooker: Thai Curry Ground Beef

It is utterly impossible to take a pretty picture of this recipe. I tried over and over again to the point the food was cold and the house was hungry...

213 CAL 4:15 HRS

Sesame Green Beans

In terms of simple sides for Asian inspired (or any!) dishes, this one is quick, easy, and delicious.  Sauteing the green beans in the sesame oil...

62 CAL 15 MINS

Quinoa Chipotle Meatballs

I am a little obsessed lately with quinoa meatballs. I made them a few weeks back with zucchini and then proceeded to make them three more times for...

241 CAL 45 MINS

Baked Tortilla Chips

These easy Homemade Baked Tortilla Chips come together in less than 10 minutes, are super crunchy, and so much healthier than store bought.

105 CAL 20 MINS

Simple Asian Stir Fried Vegetables

Simple Asian Stir Fried Vegetables with garlic, ginger, and soy sauce come together in less than 15 minutes for a healthy side dish.

91 CAL 15 MINS

Spicy Asian Spaghetti Squash

The first time I ever tried this recipe, I was extremely skeptical. Spaghetti squash, sausage, Sriracha, and Hoisin sauce? It sounded, well, a little...

184 CAL 30 MINS

Vegetable Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce

One of the very first things I learned when I started trying to lose weight was the importance of having healthy snacks and quick lunches around so I...

246 CAL 35 MINS

Sesame Salmon with Baby Bok Choy

Sometimes a girl only has 15 minutes to cook, and for nights like that this salmon recipe is perfect. The salmon is dusted with sesame seeds, salt,...

352 CAL 35 MINS

Rajas Con Queso

When we were in Sayulita last week on vacation, we ate at the most amazing little taco stand, Naty’s Cocina. Honestly I am still dreaming about it....

120 CAL 45 MINS

Creamy Coconut Cauliflower Rice

I’ve been on a bit of a cauliflower rice kick, eating it with almost everything even breakfast, sauteed with some onions, peppers, and spinach with...

48 CAL 25 MINS