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Pros and Cons of Weight Watchers®

As with any diet, there are pros and cons from choosing Weight Watchers® as your weight loss program. Make sure to carefully evaluate the program itself and the following pros and cons to make sure it is the right program for you before joining.

Pros of the Weight Watchers® Diet

  • Unlimited food choices - you can eat anything you want as long as you track it
  • Promotes healthy and whole foods – the lowest point foods on Weight Watchers;reg; are fruits, vegetables, and lean protein sources.
  • Teaches dieters about portion size and making better choices – the PointsPlus;reg; system intuitively teaches dieters to make better decisions as they weigh whether or not a food choice is worth the points. Over time dieters tend to make better choices.
  • Support – many diets find support and accountability through weekly meetings and weigh ins.
  • Community - there is a huge community of people on Weight Watchers, which means that it is easy to find information, recipes, and other resources while you are on the diet.

Cons of the Weight Watchers® Diet

  • The cost may be prohibitive for some people. There is a fee for weekly meetings and the online program. Currently a monthly pass to unlimited meetings is $39.95, which also includes the online program. Pay as you go meetings are $12 to $15 per week in addition to a one-time $20 registration fee. Online only is $16.95 monthly.
  • Lack of structure - if you are someone who needs structure, the diet itself won't provide this since no one is telling you what to eat. (Learn to overcome this with our meal plans – link to our meal plans for WW)
  • Keeping track of all the points can be tricky and time consuming.
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