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How Does Weight Watchers® Work?

One of the most popular features of Weight Watchers® is the simplicity following the program. Since all foods are allowed on the diet, there are no rules or restrictions to remember. However some people find the points system cumbersome and time consuming since everything you eat must be tracked.

The way Weight Watchers® works is surprisingly simple. Based on your current height, weight, and gender you are assigned a daily points allowance that will help you lose weight in a healthy progression. Everything you eat has a points value assigned by Weight Watchers®. This is based on the nutritional content of the food. Food that is higher in calories and fat has more points. Food that is high in fiber and lower in calories and fat, has less points.

Following the diet, you can eat anything you want as long as you track what you eat and stay within your daily points allowance. No food is off limits, but you will quickly learn that you get to eat a lot more if you make healthier food choices.

Additionally you can earn extra points on Weight Watchers® with exercise. You are also weekly flex points to use for special occasions or days where you consume extra points.

Weight Watchers also has a plan called Simply Filling for people who don't want to track. On this plan the food you can eat is limited to a fairly long list of healthy foods, but you can eat as much as you like of any food on that list. Then on top of that, you get some weekly points to spend on foods that don't fit in the program.

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