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Pros and Cons of a Vegetarian Diet

Studies continually show that a plant-based diet has many benefits for your health and the environment. However making the jump to a vegetarian diet can be difficult for some and it is important to understand the pros and cons of a vegetarian diet before choosing to go vegetarian.

Pros of a Vegetarian Diet

  • Vegetarian diets are linked to numerous health benefits including longer life, reduced risk of chronic disease, and reduced risks of many diseases including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, stroke, and more.
  • Has been shown to increase energy levels and alertness.
  • Lower food costs since most grains and plant-based products generally are less expensive than meats.
  • Environmental benefits since the carbon footprint is much lower from plant based foods than meat
  • Can lead to weight loss if someone is focused on a lower fat, mostly plant based vegetarian diet.

Cons of a Vegetarian Diet

  • Vegetarian diets can lead to vitamin deficiencies depending on diet. Some vitamins, like b12, are only found in meats, dairy, and eggs. If a vegetarian isn’t actively ensuring that they get proper nutrients, some do experience deficiencies. This is more difficult in stricter vegetarian diets like veganism.
  • Some people believe that becoming a vegetarian will automatically make them more healthy. Vegetarians who continue to eat unhealthy foods will not benefit. For example if you continue to consume lots of pasta loaded with butter, cheese, and cream; you are not likely to see the health benefits of going vegetarian.
  • Although this is becoming far less of an issue due to the popularity of vegetarian diets, it can sometimes be difficult to find food at restaurants or share meals with people who eat meat.
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