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Pros and Cons of a Low Carb Diet

Low carb diets have been known to help people lose weight, and many times lose weight quickly. However they can be difficult to follow and there are many differing opinions about how healthy it is to follow a low carb diet. Here are some common pros and cons of a low carb diet to consider.

One important note about low carb diets. Since low carb diets can vary greatly, it is important to consider the pros and cons of the specific approach you are choosing.

Pros of the Low Carb Diet

  • Many people experience rapid and steady weight loss
  • Processed foods and sugars are eliminated from your diet
  • Most people on low carb diets do not count calories
  • Many people say they feel full longer and experience less cravings
  • There are many different types of lower carb diets to choose from
  • Many people find themselves eating less processed foods when they are reducing carbs by eliminating sugar and processed grains

Cons of the Low Carb Diet

  • Many people consume higher levels of saturated fats and cholesterol when on a low carb diet
  • Healthy whole grains and legumes are usually eliminated from your diet
  • Fruit and vegetable intake may be limited depending on your low carb diet choice
  • It can be difficult to follow since food choices are highly restrictive
  • Low carb diet program can be very expensive
  • Grocery bills may increase due to purchasing more proteins
  • Some health professionals believe eating less than 100 carbs daily has negative health consequences including kidney problems, osteoporosis, bad breath, and higher cholesterol.
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