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How a Low Carb Diet Works

Since there are so many different low carb diets, it is difficult to explain exactly how a low carb diet works and will depend upon the approach or diet you choose. However these general guidelines will help you begin to eliminate or reduce carbs in your diet.

Use the guidelines below to help you get started on your low carb diet.

Explore Low Carb Diet Options

Since there are so many different low carb diets out there, begin by exploring the different diet types and decide what works best for you, your goals, your family, and your lifestyle. Look for a plan that you can see working long term and that you can stick to.

Choose a Low Carb Diet

Next choose the diet that you believe will work best for you. This may be a specific weight loss program like South Beach or may be a more general approach of eliminating all white flour or all processed carbs.

Make a List

Make a list of the foods that you can’t eat on the plan you chose. Understanding what foods are allowed and not allowed on your diet will be extremely helpful. For example on most low carb plans virtually all vegetables except for potatoes, carrots, corn, starchy squash, beets, and peas are allowed.

Plan Your Meals

Since eating low carb can take some getting used to, it is best to plan out your meals for the entire week when you are just starting. This will help you stay on track. Our low carb meal plans are a great resource if you are new to low carb.

Slender Kitchen Meal Plans

Slender Kitchen Low Carb Plans

Customizable weekly meal plans that include Low Carb recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, nutritional information, shopping lists, and more...

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