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Pros and Cons of a Gluten Free Diet

Making the decision to go gluten free, especially if it is not for medical reasons, is a major undertaking and takes a significant shift in diet and lifestyle. Before deciding to go gluten free, make sure to understand the pros and cons of a gluten free diet.

Pros of a Gluten Free diet

  • If you have Celiac disease or a gluten allergy, being gluten free will help you feel better overall and avoid damage, inflammation, and discomfort.
  • Can lead to weight loss in some people
  • Can lead to people eating less processed foods overall
  • In many people, it increases the amount of whole grains like quinoa and high quality grains in the diet

Cons of a Gluten Free diet

  • Can lead to a lack of nutrients if dieter isn’t ensuring they are getting all nutrients
  • Can lead to a lack of fiber in the diet
  • Some people experience weight gain if they rely on gluten free packaged products which can be high in sugar and fat
  • Can be expensive
  • Difficult to learn what is allowed and what is not allowed on the diet especially because gluten hides in many products
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