Weight Loss Wednesday: Jennifer Lost 58 lbs!

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I am so excited to kick off a new feature on Slender Kitchen - Weight Loss Wednesdays! Weight Loss Wednesdays will feature stories of weight loss success so we can celebrate the amazing progress people have made (Jennifer lost 58 lbs!!) and get inspiration! In my opinion there is nothing better than reading someone's real story to get motivated. Have your own weight loss story? Tell us about it!

Height: 5’10

Starting Weight: 218

Current Weight: 160

Pounds Lost: 58

Lightbulb Moment: I had a niece who was getting married and wanted to find a new dress for the occasion, so I went over to TJ Maxx during my lunch hour and found a dress that I wanted to try on. Found the size I "thought" would fit since it was stretchy. So I go in and tried on this dress, but it was tight and I got stuck in this dress literally. I sat there and cried. It took me ten minutes to finally wiggle my way out of it. The mall that had TJ Maxx also held 3 Weight Watcher meetings a week during the lunch hour, so I went and signed up. When I saw the number I cried again. I had to make a change. I needed to make a change.

During this process, I was also training for my first ½ marathon (walking). So I thought if I were to do all this walking I would definitely lose the weight, but I wasn’t losing it because I wasn’t changing how I ate.

How did you do it? Weight Watchers has been my saving grace, I learned the points plus program and was an active participant in the meeting room. I received and still do receive a ton of support from my meetings.

How has your life changed since losing the weight? I eat healthier, I am not struggling to do stuff like I was before.

Exercise routine: I like to walk, but I am not as active as I should be! That is a goal for 2014, be more active.

Favorite breakfast: Ricotta cheese (Fat free) with some vanilla extract for flavor, pineapple and a shredded wheat biscuit.

Favorite snack: Greek yogurt and a cheese stick.

Favorite quick dinner: Turkey Burgers

Advice for someone just starting: Find someone to check in with to help with your accountability. If you have a good support system, you will succeed!

Jen's Tip: Portion control is key! Find a good set of measuring cups and spoons and keep them on your counter, don’t put them away. They are a good reminder for you to keep it in control.

Have your own weight loss story to share? Slender Kitchen would love to share your success and inspire others! Send us an email here.

On Weight Loss Wednesday: Jennifer Lost 58 lbs!
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