Traveling? Tips for staying healthy and energetic so you can enjoy the trip!

By Kristen Mccaffrey on

Whether you’re traveling for work, to visit friends/family or just a wonderful vacation it’s good to plan ahead, otherwise you may be left hours without food (snacks are hard to come by when you travel) or you might be stopping off at a greasy spoon breakfast spot, followed by a street vendor lunch, leading you to feel awful by the evening. Planning and bringing some food items isn’t just important for your health, but also your energy and enjoyment of the trip in general. Who wants to feel fatigued and irritable while exploring the Eifel Tower? Or while trying to pay attention in a day long business meeting? Exactly. So here are my top tips for staying energetic, keeping good digestion and avoid the fast food weight gain. Now, you may not want to do all of these, but picking one is at least a great start in the right direction.

Pack a breakfast

Pack an all-in-one protein powder, like Vega or Genuine Health, which has vitamins, minerals and some greens to start your day with a nutrient dense energetic punch! For those who like more of a traditional breakfast I would recommend bringing rolled oats or quinoa flakes along with some raw nuts/seeds so you can use the hotel kettle and pout some boiling water over top. Bonus if you can locate fresh fruit to have on the side of either of these. This will help prevent the fried potato, fried egg, toast and fried bacon bloat and energy pull making you want to head back to that hotel room to bed.

Pack snacks

Snacks are hard to come by when you travel, mostly because who wants to spend their time searching for convenience stores, grocery stores or coffee shops every time you’re hungry in between meals? Heck no, you have more important things to do! The best snacks to pack are those with no fridge needed like trail mix, nuts/seeds, dried fruit leather, and bars with real food ingredients.

Enjoy the food culture (if applicable)

Instead of going out to typical fast food joints you can get in the place you are living (not that you would anyways, *wink*), enjoy the local restaurants where you are. If you go to true authentic restaurants you are most likely working with real and quality ingredients so this is the best place to indulge and enjoy, if you are going to.

Drink lots of water

Drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated, avoid headaches, and keep those bowels moving. It might be easy to grab some juices and fancy coffees as you travel but make sure you drink some pure water too otherwise you may find some digestive problems or the blood sugar lows the next day.

Locate restaurants in advance

This not only saves you time but it will help you know what food is available to you around where you are staying. This will help keep you healthy because often spur of the moment decisions can be out of hunger and impatience and full of that good ol’ not-so-good-for-you quick comfort food. Luckily, the internet makes it very easy to search for restaurants in the area you are staying, and there are even ways to determine if they are allergy friendly as well.

The healthier you are when you travel, the more you will enjoy the trip no matter what kind of trip it is. So eat up - the right stuff :)

On Traveling? Tips for staying healthy and energetic so you can enjoy the trip!
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