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By Kristen Mccaffrey on

As a Weight Watchers Lifetime member trying to reach a new goal weight, Slender Kitchen was hands down the missing ingredient in my life. When I found my "food savior", I was doing an internet search for meal plans.

I had been struggling so bad with developing a healthy day-by-day eating plan and I was faced with what seemed like innumerable challenges: shopping lists, serving sizes, what to eat when, points values, the list could go on and on. After perusing the site, I reviewed a sample meal plan and was immediately S-O-L-D! It was everything I needed in one place, all organized, just for me! (Honestly, I was so desperate for help, I'm not sure I even cared if the food tasted good or not, the monthly charge was so reasonable that I was willing to take a shot and boy did it pay off!) I printed the meal plan, scheduled my trip to the grocery store and that was all she wrote. After making the first recipe, the meal was absolutely DELICIOUS, in fact so delicious I made my Haitian mother (who only eats Haitian food) taste it and even she had to admit that it was awesome! I don't have a sophisticated food palate, so trying some of the new foods was different but again, I was willing to try it and not be afraid of a little seasoning. Every meal that has followed has proved to be even more delicious than the last one!

Thanks to SK, not only have I reached my ultimate goal weight in 4 months-time, I saved time, energy, money, you name it! And I did it in a healthy manner that I will be able to maintain throughout my life. Now, it's the only way I cook meals — by SK's recipes. I save my favorite ones and have even started a folio of my favorite recipes. If you are on the fence about the recipes please take my word (someone who was not a regular cooker, busy and work full-time), this will be the best investment in your health that you will ever make. I echo others' affections that Slender Kitchen is the "Game-Changer" when it comes to meal plans, healthy eating and healthy cooking. If you're short on money, time, patience or answers, Slender Kitchen is sure to prove to be your answer.

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