Healthy Meal Plans Week 5: Creating a Breakfast Routine

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Meal planning is one of the best ways to make your life easier and make dinner time stress free! It's also critical to success for almost any healthy eating or diet goals. Knowing what you are going to eat ensures that you don't end up running to the vending machine, calling for take-out, or making unhealthy choices when you are too hungry to think.

This week I wanted to take a minute to talk about creating a breakfast routine. As someone who normally wakes up with a stomach growling for its first meal, breakfast is really important for me. It's also sets the tone for my entire day. When I make bad choices at breakfast, it's harder for me to make healthy decisions throughout the day and I normally end up feeling tired, sluggish, and usually frustrated with myself. To overcome that, I follow a pretty structured breakfast routine to make sure I am prepped and ready for healthy, filling, and nutritious morning meals all week. Here's my routine, what's yours?

1. Choose two quick and easy recipes: Every week when I am meal planning, I choose two healthy breakfast recipes that I can eat during the week. These recipes need to be either something that can be made in under 10 minutes or something that I can prep ahead of time and have in the fridge/freezer ready to go. Usually I choose one egg dish and non-egg dish like oatmeal, pancakes, yogurt, or chia seed pudding and rotate them throughout the week. My go to breakfasts include make ahead breakfast sandwiches, egg mugs, overnight oats, baked oatmeal, yogurt bowls, frittatas, chia seed pudding, and all kinds of pancakes that can be stored and quickly reheated. I also think through sides for these dishes like fruits, light English muffins, yogurt, low carb wraps, etc.

2. Prep breakfasts on Sunday: Then on Sunday, I get everything prepped for the week. This means making things like egg muffins, fritttas, pancakes, overnight oats, or breakfast sandwiches as well as prepping things like fruits, veggies for egg mugs, or toppings for oatmeal and yogurt bowls if needed.

3. Post my meals: Lastly I usually post my meal plan (mine includes lunches and dinners as well) on the fridge so I won't forget what I am having in my morning, pre-coffee fog.

It is really simple but seriously make a a huge different in your routine. I can't tell you how many mornings I would blankly stare into the fridge hoping for breakfast inspiration to come before I started this simple routine. Now breakfast is stress free.

Love the idea of meal planning but don’t have time to find recipes, create shopping lists, and make meal plans?

Since I know that many people simply don’t have the time to create their own healthy meal plans, we provide delicious and healthy meal plans at Slender Kitchen that you can customize to meet your needs.

Here are some highlights from this week’s healthy meal plans:

  • Slow Cooker Pepperoncini Beef
  • Slow Cooker Enchilada Quinoa (vegetarian plan)
  • Cheesy Skillet Gnocchi and Vegetables
  • Sundried Tomato Pesto and Chicken Zucchini Noodles (low carb plan)
  • Chili Glazed Tofu and Sugar Snap Peas (vegetarian plan)
  • Jalapeno Popper Chicken
  • Honey Lime Shrimp
  • Chicken Lo Mein
  • Spinach Meatballs with Spaghetti Squash (with quinoa for vegetarian plan)
  • & more

Each healthy weekly meal plan comes full of delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The meal plans come in regular, vegetarian, and low carb options. All feature complete nutritional information, Weight Watchers SmartPoints, and categorized shopping lists! There are also two bonus fallback recipes weekly and the option for either a complete meal plan or a Dinner Only plan. This includes our interactive meal planning option where you can customize the number of servings for each meal, swap in new recipes if you don't like something, or build your own meal plan from scratch.  All that for less the cost of one cup of coffee per month with the yearly plan.

Slender Kitchen Meal Plans

Slender Kitchen Meal Plans

Customizable weekly meal plans that include recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, nutritional information, shopping lists, and more.

Healthy Meal Plans Week 5: Creating a Breakfast Routine
On Healthy Meal Plans Week 5: Creating a Breakfast Routine
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