Summer Sipping: Five Healthy Drink Ideas

By Kristen Mccaffrey on

In my old apartment I had this incredible patio. My girlfriends and I literally sat outside on said patio every weekend for months on end sipping wine or summer cocktails and chatting about our lives, dreams, boys, and any interesting tidbits we had learned that week. We all had a thing for This American Life, documentaries, strange viral news stories, and Law & Order that kept us gabbing for hours and solidified our friendship very quickly. Since then I have moved to a new apartment without a beloved patio and my two beloved patio buddies have moved out of LA. Yet as soon as summer comes, I find myself dreaming about that patio and those times. Here are some summer sips that I could picture us enjoying….what are your favorite summer beverages?

1. Rosemary Infused Cucumber Lemonade, 71 calories, 2 P+

This simple cucumber and rosemary lemonade makes a delicious and refreshing summer drink to have on hand in the fridge or make special for an outdoor gathering. The rosemary pumps up the flavor and makes it feel special but can easily be left out if herbal lemonades aren’t your thing.

2. Skinny Beer-garitas, 213 calories, 4 P+

I love this lightened up summer margarita recipe made with beer instead of tequila. Not only does it lower the calories, it also is a great alternative for a milder drink for those who don’t like hard alcohol or the strong taste of tequila. You could also substitute in sparking water for a kid-friendly, non-alcoholic version.

3. Watermelon Spritzers, 67 calories, 2 P+

This delicious summer watermelon spritzer is the perfect refreshing drink for any summer get together. The simple combination of watermelon, lemon, mint, and sparkling water make a light summer drink, and no one would judge you if you added some alcohol into the mix or replaced the sparking water with champagne.

4. Clementine Sparkler, 77 calories, 2 P+

If you love Mimosas, these Clementine Sparklers will be right up your alley without the added sugar and calories of processed orange juice. Mix up the citrus for different takes on this summer drink and replace the sparking wine with water when you don’t want the alcohol or extra calories.

5. Campari and Orange Summer Spritzer, 127 calories, 3 P+

Although I have been referred to as “an old Italian man” for my love of Campari on more than one occasion I can’t get enough of the herbal Italian aperitif. Paired with orange and sparkling rose wine, this makes a delicious and fancy summer drink for brunch and special occasions.

On Summer Sipping: Five Healthy Drink Ideas
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