Five Healthy Quick and Easy Chicken Recipes

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Sometimes we all just need a quick and simple meal with ingredients we are likely to have around the house. I almost always have chicken in the house and the rest of the ingredients in these recipes are usually floating somewhere in my pantry or fridge. All of these meals can be prepared in under 30 minutes, are under 6 points plus per serving, and will please almost anyone. Most of the recipes also freeze well and make great leftovers so you can get more than one meal in under 30 minutes. If you really love chicken you may also consider this great William and Sonoma Chicken Cookbook. It has tons of great recipes and many are surprisingly healthy or can easily be adapted. I have also been eying this beer can chicken rack with a drip pan for awhile, although it takes longer than 30 minutes with this tool there is no mess and you can flavor the chicken with more than just beer.

What are your favorite quick and easy chicken dishes?

1. Mustard Pretzel Chicken Fingers, 3 P+

This was one of the first recipes I ever posted on Slender Kitchen back when I think I was the only one who saw and read the recipes. But it is definitely worth pulling out of the archives and cooking. These chicken tenders are coated in mustard and then rolled in pretzels and baked. Adults and kids will love them and they make a great, quick lunch or dinner. They also freeze well and can be pulled out and reheated in the oven in a hurry. Serve them on their own like chicken fingers or over salad.

2. Skinny Chicken Piccata, 6 P+

Whenever I used to eat Chicken Piccata, I always assumed it took forever to cook and involved laboring over the stove to make a complicated sauce. However it really couldn’t be easier and is essentially a one dish meal where you simply cook up the chicken and then make the sauce in minutes in the same pan.

3. Grilled Sriracha Barbecue Chicken, 5 P+

I know this recipe seems to find its way into lots of Friday Fives but it is because it is just that good. A simple, spicy grilled chicken dish that can be prepared outdoors on a grill or indoors on a grill pan in about 8 minutes. I usually a bunch of the chicken ahead of time and freeze it, so I can just pull out portions and defrost them when I want to make it.

4. Buffalo Chicken Salad, 4 P+

If you love the taste of buffalo wings, then you will go crazy for this buffalo chicken salad that combines spicy buffalo sauce, blue cheese, and celery all in one easy to make chicken salad. Eat it in a sandwich, over greens, or if you are like me directly out of the Tupperware with some pita bread on the side.

5. Parmesan Crusted Chicken, 5 P+

If you love the taste of chicken Parmesan, this simple Parmesan breaded chicken is perfect served with marinara and a side of spaghetti or over a bed of greens for a crispy chicken salad. It bakes up in about 20 minutes and takes about 10 minutes to prepare. These also freeze up well and can be reheated in the oven at a later time for a quick meal.

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