Five Weight Watchers One Point Snacks

By Kristen Mccaffrey on

Yesterday I was surrounded by candy. It was everywhere and I was hungry. Not the best combination. Fast forward. I definitely ate more candy that I would like to admit and may have even thrown some in my purse for later. It was not my proudest moment. So one the way home I decided that it was time to whip up some healthy one point snacks to grab before grabbing the candy, and I ordered some of these delicious candy concoctions to have around, because let's be honest, it's Halloween and I will be eating some candy. Looking for more Halloween candy ideas that won't ruin your diet - check out last year's Friday Five on Halloween Candy.

1. Quiche Cupcakes, 1 P+

These are perhaps one of my favorite one point snacks. It takes no time to whip up a batch - you can combine tons of different flavors, and they have enough protein to keep you satisfied for a little while. These can be made without the ham crust for a crustless quiche, with a wonton crust, or using another favorite deli meat to mix up the flavors. Lately I have been making a Greek inspired one with feta, black olives, and sun-dried tomatoes.

2. Banana Nutella Wontons, 1 P+ Need a sweet treat to stay away form the buckets of candy in your office. These will do the trick. Crispy baked wontons stuffed with Nutella and bananas. I prefer to eat them warm (just pop them in the microwave for a few seconds) but that taste good cold as well, and really good dipped in whipped cream. You can also use chocolate or peanut butter in place of the Nutella.

3. Portabello Mini Pizzas, 1 P+

I read a lot of health blogs and honestly have a little trouble when their advice is to replace my craving for candy with some nice, crunchy carrot sticks. Honestly folks. But I will say that I feel ok when I replace candy with pizza, even if the pizza is primarily made with vegetables. Cheese has the magical ability to change things, and transforms these veggies into something great.

4. Frozen Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bites, 1 P+

These little wonders take no time to make and taste just like candy to me. Frozen bananas dipped in chocolate and peanut butter for a perfect little bited sized sweet snack. You can almost always find some in my freezer and it keeps me away from the candy that is also always in my freezer. Anyone else love frozen candy? It is my preferred way to eat it.

5. One Point Cookies, 1 P+

Haven't found the one point recipe you were hoping for? Maybe these cookie recipes will help. I mean cookies help everything right. You'll find classic chocolate chip, banana and oat, caramel, chocolate clouds, and more. I am getting hungry just thinking about it.

On Five Weight Watchers One Point Snacks
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