Five Healthy No Cook Meals

By Kristen Mccaffrey on

Some days it is just too hot to turn on the stove or think about cooking. On nights like that it is great to turn on the grill, fire up the crockpot, or throw together a no cook meal that keeps everyone nice and cool. Here are some great no cook meals to try out this summer.

1. Vegetable Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce, 5 P+, 200 calories

These simple vegetable spring rolls require absolutely no cooking. If your family wants more protein, consider adding in cold shrimp, rotisserie chicken, ahi tuna, or another protein your family enjoys.

2. Chicken Tostadas, 5 P+, 210 calories

These simple chicken tostadas can easily be made with store bought rotisserie chicken or made meatless with avocado. Instead of crisping up the tortillas in the oven, pop them in the toaster oven to crisp them up to avoid heating up your kitchen with the oven. You can also look for store-bought baked tostadas.

3. Sweet Chili Chicken Salad, 6 P+, 248 calories

This simple summer salad is full of sweet and spicy notes and can be made with pre-cooked or store bought chicken to eliminate the need for the stove. It is also delicious with cocktail shrimp, leftover cold pasta or rice, or with sliced avocado for added protein.

4. Cold Asian Noodle Salad, 4 P+, 164 calories

Although this cold noodle salad normally calls for using the stove to cook the noodles, you can cut out this step by buying rice noodles that only require soaking. Check out the directions before purchasing and find a rice or Asian noodle that calls for soaking in hot water instead of boiling to make this yummy summer salad. Add your favorite protein for a more complete meal. 5. Summer Fresh Corn Salad, 3 P+, 123 calories

This delicious summer salad incorporates raw corn, fresh mozzarella, and avocado making it perfect for summer. You can easily make it more hearty by adding shrimp, chicken, or black beans for a complete and well-rounded meal.

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