Five Healthy Ice Cream Options

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So before I start I just have to ask - does anyone have one of these crazy Yonanas contraptions. I saw one last week and thought it was ridiculous and now I find myself checking it out daily on Amazon. Basically it turns any type of frozen fruit into a healthy 0 point dessert. So in my mind I could quickly make all kinds of delicious fruit ice cream and stir in any fixings I like. Bananas, chocolate, and peanut butter, apples and caramel, mango with chile, pineapple and coconut - you get the idea. What are your thoughts?

And that is the inspiration for today's Friday Five - ice cream. Growing up one of my favorite things to do was sit in the kitchen with my Mom drinking hot tea and eating ice cream. Good conversations were almost always had over ice cream and tea. So even though its cold outside, I still want to eat lots of ice cream so long as I have a hot cup of something on the side and ideally a great conversation.

1. Homemade Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches, 3-5 P+

Lately I have been eating a lot of impromptu ice cream cookie sandwiches which can be enjoyed for hardly any points. Since most reduced fat ice creams are only 1 point for 1/4 cup, it is the perfect thing to squeeze between two cookies. So far I have tried this out with these Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies, these Malted Milk Cookies, and these Peanut Butter Cookies and all have been delicious.

2.Breyers, Dreyers, or Edy's Double Churned Light ice cream (1/2 cup), 2-3 P+

There are tons of flavors of Breyers Dreyers, and Edy's Low Fat ice cream that are only 90 calories and 2 points plus for 1/2 cup and they are all pretty delicious. I am partial to the French Chocolate and Mint Chip, but any flavor would work. My favorite way to eat this ice cream is usually mashed up with 1/2 cup skim milk for a thick, handmade shake.

3. Stonyfield Farm Organic Nonfat Frozen Yogurt, 3-4 P+

I love this Stonyfield yogurt for two reasons. Most importantly it tastes really rich and indulgent. I really don't enjoy icy, diet frozen yogurt and this doesn't have any of that going on. Secondly, it actually is a frozen yogurt with the probiotics and live cultures that make yogurt good for you. Normally there is only a tiny amount of these in most frozen yogurts, but are packed with good for you live cultures.

4. McDonalds Ice Cream Cone, 5 P+

I am slightly embarrassed by how much I love McDonald's vanilla ice creams cones. In the summer I pretty much want to eat one daily and they are surprisingly low in points considering they are from the same place where a medium milkshake has 16 points.

5. Weight Watchers Ice Cream Candy Bars, 4 P+

These are pretty delicious given they are only 4 points plus. There is chocolate and peanuts and caramel and vanilla ice cream. Now I won't pretend they rival a frozen Snickers, but they still are a great frozen treat.

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