Five Healthy Specialty Snacks

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Most of the time I am completely satisfied with the snacks I can whip up myself or find in the local grocery store, but every once in awhile I want something extra special. Finding these treats usually comes after a couple of hours of searching the internet and because they cost a little but more than typical snacks, I only let myself do this every couple of months and try to order in bulk. Not to mention, who doesn’t like the excitement of waiting for mail? What are your favorites? Leave them in the comments!

1. That’s It Fruit Bars: 100 calories, 3 P+ So what first attracted me to these bars is the packaging whatever you see on the package is what you get in the bar. So you see an apple and an apricot, that is what is inside. They have absolutely no other ingredients no added sugar, preservatives, just the fruit on the label. In terms of taste, it is kind of like a big, more satisfying fruit roll up. Perfect for kids as well. 2. The Nutty Bean Co Roasted Chickpeas: 100 calories, 3 P+ for 1/2 bag These little delights are a great alternatives to chips when you want something salty and crunchy, and are packed with fiber and protein. They come in a bunch of flavors, my favorites are the Honey Roasted and Sweet and Spicy Chipotle and I always feel full after eating them. They are also delicious on salads to add some crunch. You can also make these on your own, but mine never turn out quite this good.

3. PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter: 45 calories, 1 P+ So although this isn’t technically a snack food on its own, it transforms so many other foods into snack foods I had to include it. PB2 is basically a lower calorie and fat peanut butter powder that you mix with milk or water. It tastes a lot like peanut butter and works great in most recipes that call for peanut butter. For snacks, I use it on celery, English muffins, honestly anything I would eat peanut butter with. Delicious and a definite must have for anybody with a peanut butter addiction like me.

4. FiberGourmet Lite Cheese Snacks: 80 calories, 2 P+ If you love Cheez-its, you will love these. This great little company makes lots of fiber filled snacks that almost all come in under 100 calories. My personal favorite are these cheese snacks, but the wheat crackers (their Wheat Thins), and even brownies are delicious. Not to mention, they make a high fiber pasta that only has 130 calories per serving and tastes just like the real thing.

5. Clandestino Candy Banana Energy Bar: 109 calories, 3 P+ Don’t be fooled by the name this is basically banana candy covered in chocolate. They are marketed to surfers as energy bars and therefore can be found in many surf shops, as well as some Whole Foods and grocery stores. Definitely delicious and decadent, not to mention the whole bar is only 3 pointsplus. To find a list of retailers, visit their website.

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