Delicious Summer Salads

By Kristen Mccaffrey on

With August nearly upon us and dare I say, fall on the horizon, I am focused on taking advantage of every sun soaked day and all of the amazing summer produce that abounds this time of year. One of my favorite dishes this time of year are refreshing veggie and fruit packed salads that celebrate the season and pack in the flavor. Here are some of my favorite salads, all of which can easily be made into entrees by adding some protein or doubling up the portion. What are your favorite summer salads?

1. Charred Corn, Scallion, and Tomato Salad, 95 calories, 3 PointsPlus®

2. Sesame Kale Salad with Mangoes and Blueberries, 250 calories, 4 PointsPlus®

3. BBQ Ranch Chicken, Roasted Corn, and Peach Salad, 244 calories, 6 PointsPlus®

4. Honey Lime Nectarine and Corn Salad, 107 calories, 3 PointsPlus®

5. Honey Mustard Broccoli and Apple Salad, 123 calories, 4 PointsPlus®

Delicious Summer Salads
On Delicious Summer Salads
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