Don't Miss Out! Freezer Bonus and Italian Sloppy Joe Recipe

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The Slender Kitchen Cookbook - Stress-Free Family Meal Planning comes out in just 3 weeks! Today I wanted to share a sneak peek inside the exclusive preorder bonus.

I can't believe in just one month, the Slender Kitchen Cookbook, Stress Free Family Meal Planning will be released! To celebrate, I have an exclusive bonus ebook that contains 20 bonus freezer recipes that I will be sending to anyone who preorders the book. 

I am so excited about this BONUS Bundle. The recipes are delicious, they are healthy, and they can all be prepped ahead of time and popped in the freezer. In just a few hours, you could actually prep all of these meals and have 20 meals ready to go in the freezer.   

Here's a sneak peek of what you will find inside this exclusive bonus! 

Freezer cookbook bonus preview showing pages and recipes.

In this free eBook (available ONLY for those who pre-order before August 25th only), you’ll get the following:

  • 20 freezer recipes that you can prep in no time
  • Full nutritional information and SmartPoints for every recipe
  • Organized grocery lists that you can print and take shopping for easy meal prep
  • Healthy, easy freezer recipes that actually taste good (with veggies!)

Here are some of the recipes you'll find in this bonus ebook - 20 Real Food Recipes for the Freezer

  • Chicken Burrito Bowls
  • Asian Pulled Pork
  • Italian Sloppy Joes
  • Hawaiian Chicken
  • Beef Barbacoa Tacos
  • Vegetarian Burritos
  • Black Bean Ranch Burgers
  • BBQ Stuffed Peppers
  • Italian "Drip" Pork
  • And more! 

You can preorder from any retailer online. To those who have already pre-ordered, THANK YOU! You are absolutely still eligible to receive the bundle too.  Find the details for claiming your bonus at the bottom of this post. 

Get Your Copy

Also a quick note about preorders. I asked for your support with pre-orders since they can literally make or break a book’s success, and just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has already ordered their copy. Your support means the world to me and I am so grateful for it.

Stress Free Family Meal Planning book with a napkin on a marble board.

To Get Your Preorder Freezer Cookbook

1. Preorder Stress-Free Family Meal Planning

Order from any online retailer (Amazon has it on sale for $5 OFF today!

Get Your Copy

2. Complete the form below

To claim your preorder bonus you'll need to enter your email address, order confirmation number, and upload a copy of your receipt (for online orders, a screenshot of the receipt is perfect).

Complete form now.

3. Check Your Email

Your bundle will be emailed directly to you in about one week. The bonus ebooks have to be manually verified and emailed out, so we appreciate your patience.

THANK YOU so much for your support of my first cookbook. I am so grateful and appreciative of your support!

For more details about the book, head over to the cookbook page.


Italian Sloppy Joe Recipe

Here's a preview of one of the delicious recipes you will find in this bonus bundle!

Italian sloppy joes recipe card.

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