Creative Meals and Snacks in Minutes with Flatout Flatbread

By Kristen Mccaffrey on

I couldn’t be happier today to team up with Flatout Flatbread once more to bring you creative ideas for using their incredible flatbreads and wraps to create delicious and simple meals and snacks. As I told you before, I am pretty much obsessed with their 90 calorie, low carb, 2 PointsPlus® Light Original wraps and they are always in my fridge. Whether I am reaching for a quick breakfast, hankering for pizza, or need a snack – I know it is a healthy and low calorie way to build something delicious.

The building block for all the meals and snacks I will be sharing today is a delicious Flatout flatbread. They come in traditional flatbreads (Light, Original, Spinach, Sundried Tomato, Italian Herb, and lots of Whole Grain options), Artisan Pizza Crusts (in 3 flavors), Fold It Flatbreads, and even a Lavash bread version. Every flatbread variety is low in fat, a good source of fiber and of course, perfect for wraps, pinwheels and super easy pizza. So with Flatout less is more…less calories, carbs, time with more flavor, protein and options! Perfect for a healthy meal or snack.

Now on to the meals and snacks!

  1. Flatout + Nut Butter + Bananas/Apples/Grapes + Chia Seeds = Post Workout Energy Wrap
  2. Flatout + Veggies + Leftover Protein + Reduced Fat Cheese = Speedy Low Calorie Pizza
  3. Flatout + Canned Black Beans + Salsa + Chopped Veggies + Reduced Fat Cheese = Fiber Packed Burrito or Quesadilla
  4. Flatout + Reduced Calorie Cream Cheese + Deli Meat + Mediterranean Veggies + Olives =Greek Inspired Pinwheels
  5. Flatout + Thinly Sliced Peaches/Pears/Apples + Blue Cheese/Goat Cheese + Balsamic Vinegar = Cocktail Party Approved Flatbread Appetizer
  6. Oven Baked Flatout + Microwaved Salsa & Cream Cheese = Creamy Spicy Salsa Dip and Chips
  7. Flatout + Reduced Fat Cool Whip + Diced Fruit + Chocolate Drizzle = Delectable Kid Friendly Dessert Pizza
  8. Flatout + Last Night’s Leftover Meat & Veggies + Lettuce = Lazy Lunchtime Wrap

Now some exciting news! If you haven’t tried Flatout Flatbreads yet and want to try them out before purchasing, Flatout is doing in store demos at Walmart from from April 9th-12th! During the demos, they will be sharing the their yummy flatbreads with cream cheese and berries.

Along with this, they are offering a great buy one, get one coupon so you can stock up on your favorite flavors. Just click here to get your coupon!

On Creative Meals and Snacks in Minutes with Flatout Flatbread
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