Back to School $25 Meal Plan Special: Frequently Asked Questions

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After sharing this weekend’s Back to School $25 special price for the yearly meal plan membership, a lot of questions came in about the meal plan membership and how it works. The Q & A below should help answer any questions you have and also contains links to a sample plan. Take advantage of this special and sign up for less than 50 cents per week for complete regular or vegetarian meal plans.

What meal plans are available?

There are meal plans that follow general healthy eating principles as well as meal plans for vegetarian and low carb diets. All the meal plans focus on whole foods and healthy recipes. As a meal plan member you get access to all three meal plans as well as all the Dinner Only plans every week.

Do I have to be on Weight Watchers® to use these meal plans?

Not at all. In fact the meal plans are designed to work for anyone looking to prepare healthy meals that taste great. Most meals have between 300-425 calories including side dishes. All the meals include the nutritional information and Weight Watchers PointsPlus® so it is easily adaptable to any healthy eating plan you are following.

What kinds of meals are they? Will they take a long time to prepare?

Knowing that people usually have busy schedules, the recipes are mostly things that can be prepared relatively quickly. The meal times and prep times are included with each recipe so if you know you will not have very much time one night, it is easy to choose a quicker meal from another night and just switch the days. The weekday breakfasts and lunches are all things that can be prepared very quickly and packed to take with you.

What happens if I do not like a meal?

There are two fallback recipes included in each weekly meal plan to substitute in case you don’t like a recipe. The fallback recipe ingredients are not included in the weekly shopping list.

How many meals will be included in the new Dinner Only plans? Will there be side dishes?

Knowing that many people don’t eat at home every night and may already have breakfast and lunch routines, we created the dinner only meal plans with 5 complete dinners that include side dishes. Each Dinner Only meal plan contains all the nutritional info, all recipes, a categorized shopping list, and two extra recipes in case there is a meal you don’t like.

Are the Dinner Only plans available in regular, vegetarian, and low carb?

Yes! The dinner only plans are available in the regular healthy plan as well as a vegetarian and low carb options.

Do I have to choose if I want the Dinner Only plans or the complete meal plans?

Not at all! We understand that schedules can be different every week and sometimes you may want the full plan while some weeks you may just want dinners. As a member you get access to all the plans every week.

Why are there only five recipes in the Dinner Only plans?

After talking to members who requested Dinner Only plans, many said that they normally prepare a meal at home 5 nights a week. For anyone who wants to prepare more meals, there are two fallback recipes that can provide a full week’s worth of meals. Additionally, it is very easy to eliminate recipes if you don’t need all five.

How do members use the meal plans?

Members use the meal plans in all different ways. Many members use the meal plans exactly as they are written following the recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and using the shopping list as written. Others like to use the meal plans as a jumping point to ease their own meal planning. They use multiple recipes from the meal plans weekly and then substitute in with their favorite family recipes.

Will I lose weight if I follow the meal plan?

Most people who follow the meal plan find that they lose weight due to the healthy and low calorie nature of the plans. However you should also consult an expert to determine your individual weight loss goals. With that said, many members tell us they lose 1-2 lbs. weekly following the meal plans and some members have lost over 50 pounds!

What about snacks and drinks?

The meal plans are written to be the base for your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners weekly. From there you should add snacks, drinks, and anything you need to reach your daily calorie and nutritional goals.

Slender Kitchen Meal Plans

Slender Kitchen Meal Plans

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