A Perfect Morning: Coffee, Magazines, and Me-Time

By Kristen Mccaffrey on

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Real Simple®. The opinions and text are all mine. #adv

Today I am stepping a little outside of the box to talk about something that is just as important to your well-being as the healthy food. No, not exercise, although that's important too. Instead I am talking about carving out some time for you and finding some much needed me-time!

In our busy lives, finding me-time can feel elusive and almost impossible. Lately for me, I feel like the only me-time I normally have is the 10 minutes before I fall asleep and that's embarrassingly normally spent scrolling through social media on auto-pilot. If I am lucky it involves a few pages of a book before I become cross eyed and drift off to sleep. And if I am honest, it's not because I am so so busy I can't find the time, it's that I have a hard time prioritizing me.

So this month, I am setting a goal to have more me-time. It's good for me, it's good for my soul, and it's actually good for those around me too.

What's my ideal me time? It all starts early in the morning before anyone else is up. There is something about being in a quiet house, with absolutely no interruptions, that is kind of magical for me. And then there is always coffee and a big pile of magazines, giving me a much needed boost of caffeine and inspiration. Ideally this all ends with a solo trip to the farmer's market to meander and purchase without someone pulling me along. Oh and there is always a chocolate croissant.

This past Saturday, I took my first step towards reaching my new me-time goals. I started the morning with a huge cup of coffee and the latest issue of Real Simple, which I had picked up at Pavilions earlier in the week preparing for my me-morning. I can always count on getting lost in the pages of Real Simple and finding endless inspiration in the recipes, creative home ideas, and simple solutions to everyday problems they provide. Like this brilliant idea in the latest issue. Stick with me – it's so smart and so easy.

Ever have trouble with flowers staying upright in mason jar vases? To keep flimsy flowers upright, just cut out a piece of any plastic produce bag (like the ones oranges or onions come in) and stretch it across the mouth of the jar. Screw on the lid and you instantly have a way to keep blooms upright and beautiful.

After two, or maybe three, cups of coffee I went to the farmer's market to stock up on fruits and veggies for the week and wander the stalls. I ended up buying some amazing cherries, beautiful pink roses (with which I used the mason jar trick), and lots and lots of greens. It was absolutely amazing.

What's your favorite way to spend me-time? If you are like me and love to get lost in a magazine, head to your partipating Safeway, Jewel-Osco, Vons, Pavilions, Tom Thumb, Randall's, Shaw's, or Acme Market to get $1 off PEOPLE, InStyle, Real Simple, Cooking Light, or Sunset magazine.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of PEOPLE®, Real Simple®, InStyle®, CookingLight® and Sunset®. The opinions and text are all mine.

A Perfect Morning: Coffee, Magazines, and Me-Time
On A Perfect Morning: Coffee, Magazines, and Me-Time
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