How I Followed Weight Watchers® At Home

Although I always recommend the support and accountability that comes from joining the Weight Watchers® program, you can do Weight Watchers® at home and still reap the benefits if you live in an area where it isn’t available. Following the diet at home will take some creativity and it will be important to create systems and accountability for yourself. Use the information and tips below to successfully begin losing weight.

1. How the Weight Watchers® Diet Works

Essentially, in the diet everything you eat or drink has a number of PointsPlus® that is calculated based on the nutritional value of the food. Food that is low in calories and fat with a high amount of fiber has lower points values and foods that are high in fat or calories have more points values. Most fruits and veggies have zero PointsPlus® Depending on your current weight, height, and the amount of weight you want to lose, you are given a daily limit for how many PointsPlus® you can eat each day. When you stay on track and do not go over your daily limit, you lose weight.

In addition to your daily limit, weekly you have an additional 49 PointsPlus® to use as you wish. You can use them for one big splurge for a special occasion, throughout the week, or not use them at all to lose weight more quickly. You can also earn extra PointsPlus® by exercising and it is up to you whether you use those or not. These points are known as activity points.

2. Finding Out Your Daily Limit

Once you understand the basic idea of Weight Watchers®, the next step to doing is to know how many PointsPlus® you get daily. One way to find out how many points you get daily is to use a free online calculator. If you want a more exact calculator, you can buy Weight Watchers calculators on Amazon for under $25.

3. Tracking Your Food and Finding PointsPlus® Food Values and/or Recipes

Now the rest is fairly easy. In order to follow Weight Watchers® at home, you just need to track everything you eat and drink and make sure to stay within your daily limit. There are many places online where you can find values online, although the only endorsed PointsPlus® amounts are available form Weight Watchers®. Under the plan, most fruits and non starchy veggies are zero and will quickly become your favorite go to snacks and sides on the plan. Additionally, to find out how many PointsPlus® a food has, you can use an online calculator like this in which you input the nutritional information or do a quick Google search for the value of a food. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of constantly entering food values or using the internet, consider buying Weight Watchers plan books or an electronic calculator Amazon. Finally, use recipe sites like this one, to find delicious recipes to cook for your family.

4. Staying Accountable

One of the most effective parts of the Weight Watchers® diet is the accountability that comes from weighing in weekly at your local meeting. If you are going to do it at home, it is important to find a way to create accountability. Find friends near you and have a weekly weigh-in. Share your weight loss goals with family or friends and keep them updated on weekly progress. Post progress on your refrigerator or mirror to keep you on track and motivated. Find a way to keep yourself accountable to weighing in every week and sticking with the diet.

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On How I Followed Weight Watchers® At Home
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