Healthy Cooking 101

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Having healthy recipes is one great way to ensure you are eating healthy, but having a toolbox of healthy cooking techniques and tricks can help you create your own favorites and have go to cooking ideas when you need to prepare a quick meal or transform your favorite high calorie recipe.

How to Braise

Many people mistake braising as a cooking method that can never be low fat and is reserved for fatty cuts of meat, but braising can actually be a great way to infuse flavors into meat and vegetables, without having to add a lot of extra fat and calories. As long as you are using lower fat or trimmed pieces of meat, braising is an incredible way to create delicious, home-style, healthy meals. It can also be a great way to cook deep and complex flavors in simple side dishes. Read More

How to Saute

If you need to create a dish in minutes, sauteing is the answer. Not only can you prepare almost any dish in under 20 minutes when you saute, it by definition is cooking something over high heat with minimal fat. Sauteing is perfect for fresh veggies and lean proteins that dry out and lose flavor when they are cooked too long. When you saute meat or veggies, you will slightly brown them which deepens the flavor but you will still maintain the true taste of the food. A classic finish to sauteing is creating simple and quick pan sauces to serve with the dish and maintain moisture. Read More

How to Marinate

Marinating is a great way to infuse flavors into meats (and even vegetables) before cooking them. Adding these flavors by using a marinade, will help you infuse flavors without adding additional fat and calories to your meat and vegetables before grilling, sauteing, or stirfrying. You can also use marinades to deepen the flavors of roasts and braised meats before you begin cooking them to develop an even deeper and richer flavor. Finally, some marinades can be used to help tenderize meat if they contain an acid that will help break down tougher cuts of meat. Read More

How to Roast

Roasting is one of my favorite ways to cook because once your prepare the ingredients and throw them in the oven, you are done. No stirring, tending, flipping, you simply just let it work its magic and in time have a delicious meal. If you are someone who likes one pot meals, roasting is the perfect technique for you. Also, roasting is a great way to infuse deep flavors since the cooking time is long, without needing lots of extra fat or calories. Read More

How to Use the Pressure Cooker

Let’s face it pressure a cookers are a little scary – the spout, they hiss, they whistle – but in the end it’s worth it. Imagine cooking a beautiful roast in under an hour, perfect beans in under 45 minutes, fork tender pulled pork in about an hour and a half. The pressure cooker takes meals that would normally require cooking all day and makes them possible any night of the week. It also is a great investment to save money and calories. Since the pressure cooker infuses tons of flavor into meats, you don’t need extra fat in your dishes. And since pressure cookers work great for tougher, cheaper cuts of meat, you can save money. Read More

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