Does Weight Watchers Work? My Personal Experience

By Kristen Mccaffrey on

One of the most common questions I get on my blog is, does Weight Watchers® work? This was a question I never suspected to get in the beginning, but given that the recipes contain nutritional information and are great for healthy eating in general, I should have suspected it and am more than happy to answer it and share my love of Weight Watchers®. This is all based on my personal experience.

Simply, did Weight Watchers® work for you? Absolutely. I have tried hundreds of diets and by far Weight Watchers® has worked and continues to work the best for me. Why? It’s simple. I can still eat anything I want as long as its in moderation. Since any food you can think of has a PointsPlus® value, it means that nothing is out of bounds as long as I track it. If I eat ice cream, that’s ok, I just need to watch my other meals. French fries, that’s fine since I earned some extra activity points exercising. A glass of wine – not a problem since I still have flex points left. Weight Watchers® not only is a diet that works, it works because it teaches you how to eat the right way. Most people I know who have been on this diet for a long time no longer need to track everything they eat because they have taught their bodies and themselves how to eat in a healthful way.

At this point, you may be wondering how does it work? Actually the concept is pretty simple. On the diet plan, you are assigned a daily PointsPlus® target based on your gender, height, and weight, usually anywhere between 26 PointsPlus® to 45 PointsPlus®. Then all food and drinks have a certain value. For example, an apple is 0 PointsPlus®, oatmeal is 3-4 PointsPlus®, and a McDonald’s cheeseburger is 8 PointsPlus®. The values are based on the nutritional content of the food, with most fruits and veggies counting as zero. From there, to follow the diet, you just track everything you eat and make sure to stay at or under your daily target. In addition to your daily target, you get an additional 49 PointsPlus® weekly known as flex points that you can use however you want and can earn extra points by exercising. Pretty simple right? That is why Weight Watchers® works in my opinion.

In addition to the easy to follow, anything goes in moderation, eating plan, Weight Watchers® also works because it creates accountability through it’s community. For those people who opt to attend meetings, every week you will weigh in and your weight and weight loss will be recorded. Then you will attend a short meeting to help you learn tips, tricks, and strategies for continuing to lose weight. This community and accountability helps people stay on track. No one wants to show up to their meeting having gained weight, so it makes it less likely that you will cheat or overeat. In my opinion, especially at the beginning, this is a huge benefit of attending meetings and part of the reason it really works.

One thing that countless people have found help them stick to a diet and learn the plan is working with a meal plan. To help you get started and see what weekly meal plans look like, Slender Kitchen provides meal plans that include all nutritional information, PointsPlus®, shopping lists, breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Learn more about meal plans here.

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On Does Weight Watchers Work? My Personal Experience
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Victoria Thomasson
March 25, 2018 - 16:28
I am considering weight watchers and I am wondering if this would help with that plan. Does weight watchers provide their own? I am 63 and I simply cannot get the weight off. I joined CrossFit 7 months ago and although feeling much better and having lost 8 lbs ... the 8 is back on! I am gluten free and I watch carb and sugar carefully. I do take Synthroid and my thyroid function is normal.