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Sunday Slow Cooker: Red Beans and Rice

This meal is a bit like a warm hug that lasts the perfect amount of time from someone you haven’t seen in awhile. It’s familiar, it’s cozy, it brings back some wonderful memories, and its easy. Not like that awkward half hug, side hug, or my personal nemesis the not welcome hug where one person goes in for the hug and the other person stands rigidly praying for it to end. I am usually a giver of these, not the receiver. It’s just awkward.

But back to the good hug that you’ll get from this recipe. It’s one of those simple and hearty recipes that only takes a couple of minutes to throw together and tastes great. Personally I like it with some smushed avocado on top. You can also throw in some browned ground beef or turkey, sausage (yum!), and vegetarian crumbles if you want to add even more flavor.

Slow Cooker Red Beans and Rice
Servings: 6 servings
Serving Size: 1 cup
Nutritional Info: 200.1 calories, 1g of fat, 38.6g of carbohydrates, 12.6g of fiber, 10.5g of protein
Weight Watchers® PointsPlus®: 6 *


  • 1 cup of long grain brown rice
  • 2 cups of dried red kidney beans
  • 1 red onion, chopped
  • 1 green pepper, chopped
  • 2 stalks of celery, chopped
  • 6-8 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1/2 cup of chives
  • 1-2 tbsp. Cajun seasoning
  • 1 tbsp. of smoked paprika
  • ½-1 tsp. salt
  • 4 cups of boiling water


  1. Add everything to the crockpot and stir together.
  2. Cook on low for around 6-8 hours. Cooking times may vary slightly depending on your crockpot.

* PointsPlus® calculated by Slender Kitchen; Not endorsed by Weight Watchers International, Inc.

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I’m Kristen and I couldn’t be happier you are here. You will find a variety of healthy and delicious recipes that will not only taste great, but help you fit in your favorite jeans.

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14 Response to Sunday Slow Cooker: Red Beans and Rice

  1. Ana Rodriguez Martinez on April 21, 2013

    I dislike kidney beans, I can use another type of bean right?

    • Kristen on April 24, 2013

      Any type of bean will work :)

  2. wendy on April 21, 2013

    hello i have enjoyed sooooo many of your recipes! Thank you.
    If you add the beef or turkey do you cook it first?

    • Kristen on April 22, 2013

      It’s up to you, but personally I prefer to brown it first because I think it has a little more flavor.

      • Phyllis on April 23, 2013

        Do you soak the beans first?

        • Kristen on April 24, 2013

          You don’t have to soak the beans if you use the boiling water. It’s a quicker way to cook them without soaking. If you decide to soak them, just use regular water instead of the boiling.

  3. Kelly on April 28, 2013

    Love your website – the recipes have “saved” dinner more than once! Question: at what point do you had the beef to this recipe?

  4. Laura on May 8, 2013

    I’m having so much fun trying out your recipes… and I love that you include so many Slow Cooker recipes! I tried this one today… I just checked it at about hour 5 on low, and the liquid has evaporated and the rice and beans seemed dry? I added enough water to cover, stirred, and am going to continue on low for another hour (beans are not quite done). I snuck a taste and it is yummy! Just wondering how I went wrong with the liquid… any ideas?

    • Missy on May 30, 2013

      I also had this issue. Thinking it was the size of my crock pot…i have a smaller one. Just a thought, I tend to have this issue for many recipes that are meant for bigger crock pots. Still tastes delicious though despite the dryness haha! Love your recipes.

  5. Regan on February 1, 2014

    I had to add quite a bit more water too – the beans were softening but not the rice! :(

  6. Joan on April 14, 2014

    Same here, the rice is pretty crunchy, but the beans and veggies are almost there. I added a total of 2 extra cups of boiling water after about 4 hours. Maybe it’s because I used an oval slow cooker and the original water barely covered the rice at the beginning. Anyway, thanks for a great recipe. I plan to eat like a burrito with some shredded cheese. Hopefully it freezes well, cause it makes ALOT :)

  7. Gwenn on August 28, 2014

    This recipe exceeded my expectations!! However I did I change it up slightly. From the get-go I used 6 cups of liquid; 4 cups chicken broth and 2 cups water. I also soaked my beans the night before so they were perfectly plump the next morning. When I got home from work, I added another cup of chicken broth to my slowcooker then fried up some turkey sausage. I added the sausage and let it cook for about 30 more minutes. The end result was phenomenal! The rice was a little blown out but after sitting in slow cooker for hours what can you expect? I live in Louisiana and have traditional red beans and rice many times and it turned out just as good, if not better. Oh yeah, I used creole seasoning instead of Cajun, and even added a dash to the finished product. 10/10!!!

    • Gwenn on August 28, 2014

      Oh and I used green onions instead I’d chives :)

  8. Gina on April 9, 2015

    Quick question mines on hour 4 and it’s pretty much done it’s starting to actually stick to bottom on the sides a little can I switch to warm and keep it that way until dinner or will that ruin the whole recipe I cooked on low or should I add more water


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