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Roasted Salsa Verde

I absolutely love salsa of almost any kind and have started making my own at home because it just tastes so much better than the jarred kind you can buy in stores. This is a fairly traditional salsa verde but with the roasted tomatillos, jalapenos, onions, and garlic it adds a great smoky quality.  This is also a salsa I love to jar and give out as gifts.

Roasted Salsa Verde

Servings: 20
Serving Size: 2 tbsp although since it is all veggies you can have as much as you like!
Weight Watchers® PointsPlus®: 0 *

1 lb tomatillos (about 8-10), husked and washed
3/4 onion quartered
3 unpeeled garlic cloves
large pinch of salt
handful of cilantro (about 1/2 cup)
1-2 jalapenos or serranos depending on how spicy you want it
1 lime

1. Turn on your broiler and get it nice and hot.
2. Place the whole tomatillos, garlic, jalapenos, and quartered onion pieces in a shallow baking dish and roast under the broiler for about 10 minutes, turning half way, until vegetables are charred on the outside.
3.  Take them out of the oven and let them cool for about 10 minutes.  Pull the stems from the jalapenos and remove the peel the garlic, it should just squeeze out.    Dump everything into a blender.  Make sure to also add the juices from the baking dish that seeped out during cooking!
4.   Add the cilantro,salt, and juice of one lime and blend until well blended and then your salsa is ready to eat.  It should keep for between 5-7 days, although it never lasts that long in my house.

* PointsPlus® calculated by Slender Kitchen; Not endorsed by Weight Watchers International, Inc.

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I’m Kristen and I couldn’t be happier you are here. You will find a variety of healthy and delicious recipes that will not only taste great, but help you fit in your favorite jeans.

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6 Response to Roasted Salsa Verde

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  2. tess on December 13, 2010

    I love this salsa! You are right, fresh salsa is so much better! And the cute little mason jars are so affordable and easy to re-use. Yum!

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  4. Carol on June 14, 2011

    has anyone tried making salsa verde with green tomatoes?

    • admin on June 14, 2011

      I have no idea to be honest. Let me know if you try it :) Looking forward to hearing if anyone has tried.

  5. Shannon on May 22, 2012

    I made this salsa to go with the Chilequilas Verde and it was really good! The only problem I had was it was almost too spicy and I love spicy! I think I will use a smaller jalapeno pepper next time! The one I used was pretty large at about 3 inches long.
    Awesome though!
    Thanks Kristen!


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