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Meal Plans Questions and Answers

I am incredibly excited for the launch of the meal plans tomorrow! Starting tomorrow you will be able to login to the member’s area and download the first of many meal plans to come, as well as access bonus recipes and special resources. Additionally, you can now purchase meal plans using any credit or debit card and do not need a Paypal account. Just choose the blue subscribe button on the meal plans page and enter your payment info. Here are some of the most common questions and their answers that folks have asked. Have a question that’s not here, just submit it in the comments and I will answer it!

1. Are the meal plans only for people on Weight Watchers?

Not at all! The meal plans are for anyone who wants to follow a healthy eating plan. All the meals include the nutritional information so it is easily adaptable to any healthy eating plan you are following.

2. When will new meal plans be posted?

New meal plans will be posted the Thursday before the meal plan is scheduled to start. That means that every week on Thursday you can expect to find a new meal plan in the member’s area.

3. What day of the week do meal plans begin?

Meal plans begin on Sunday for breakfast and end on Saturday. They include all breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

4. Are snacks included in the meal plan?

Snacks are not included in the meal plan, but you will have access to a comprehensive resource with snack ideas for all different point amounts. Since everyone has a different number of daily points allowed, letting people choose their own snacks allows people to customize the plan for their daily points allowance.

5. What is the difference between the yearly and monthly subscription options?

The yearly subscription option gives you access to meal plans for the entire year for a reduced price. The monthly subscription gives you access to all the same meal plans but is a monthly fee of $6 instead of the annual fee. In terms of content, meal plans, and bonus materials, there is no difference between the two plans.

6. What happens if I do not like a meal?

There are two fallback recipes included in each weekly meal plan to substitute in case you don’t like a recipe. The fallback recipe ingredients are not included in the weekly shopping list.

7. Does the meal include slow cooker recipes?

Each week there is at least one slow cooker recipe included, usually on Sunday. Most slow cooker meals can be made on the stove-top in a Dutch oven if you do not have a slow cooker.

8. Can I look at a sample meal plan to understand what it will look like?

There is a sample meal plan available here that you can download and look at before subscribing.

9. What kinds of meals are they? Will they take a long time to prepare?

Knowing that people usually have busy schedules, the recipes are mostly things that can be prepared relatively quickly. The meal times and prep times are included with each recipe so if you know you will not have very much time one night, it is easy to choose a quicker meal from another night and just switch the days. The weekday breakfasts and lunches are all things that can be prepared very quickly and packed to take with you.

10. Can I pay without using PayPal?

Yes! There are two payment options to sign up for meal plans. The first is through and will accept any major credit or debit card. The second option is using Paypal.

11. What type of bonus material will be available to members?

Each month there will be special recipes that only members can see. In addition, I will be creating resources monthly to help you with your weight loss journey. Some resources in the works include a Trader Joe’s WW printable shopping list, printable WW journals, a comprehensive snack idea list categorized by point value with over 100 healthy options, and more.

12. How many people are the meal plans written for?

Currently there will be meal plans available for either two people or four people. However in both meal plans, breakfasts and lunches will only be for one unless otherwise noted. The reason for this is that most members said that they usually only prepare breakfast and lunch for themselves. If you have more people for breakfast and lunch, the recipes are very easy to double or multiply to fit your needs.

13. Are there meal plans available for people with special dietary needs?

Unfortunately there are not currently meal plans available for people with special dietary needs. However I am working on creating meal plans that can be purchased separately for vegetarians, people with gluten allergies, low carb dieters, and more. These should be available in early January. Have an idea? Send it my way and I will see if I can create a meal plan that fits those needs.

14. What if I do not want to subscribe to a monthly or yearly plan? Is there another option?

Monthly meal plans will be available for a one-time purchase for people who do not want to sign up for a subscription. When you purchase this option you will not have access to the bonus content and recipes. These meal plans will cost $14.99 each for 4 weeks of meal plans and shopping lists.

15. How do I cancel my membership?

For monthly members, you can cancel your subscription at any time by contacting me or cancelling through Paypal (if that’s how you subscribed.) For people who purchase the annual membership you will have 14 days to decide if you want to cancel. Cancellation is limited to 14 days since as a member you have immediate access to the meal plans and resources.

What other questions do you have? Please send them my way in the comments!

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