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Friday Five:  Portion Control

One of the most important lessons I have ever learned from Weight Watchers is portion control. It has changed the way I eat and made it much easier to indulge here and there without ruining my diet. In fact, my Mom, who did Weight Watchers for years, is so great at portion control that she doesn’t even count points any more, it has just become a lifestyle. That’s why I love Weight Watchers, it teaches balance. However in learning portion control, I had to dedicate myself to measuring everything, portioning out snacks when they came home from the store, and sometimes using tools and tricks to make sure I didn’t overeat. Here are some of my favorite portion control tricks, and as I am still learning – please share yours!

1. Pre-package Your Portions: As much as I hated doing it every Sunday when I came home from the grocery store, taking all the snacks, nuts, veggies, and fruit I bought and breaking them into individual portions, saved me tons of time and saved me from overeating when I was in a rush. Normally I used lots of Ziploc bags and labeled them with a sharpie with the number of points. If I had been more organized, and had more storage space in my cabinets, I probably would have used food storage containers to be more green.

2. Use Portion Control Plates: Portion control plates were my best friend, and many times still are, during my first year on WW. Having the plate do all the thinking for me made it so much easier to portion my meals out appropriately and not overeat. I have always been partial to the Meal Measure plate, because it also makes sure I don’t pile things up to high. However, there are so many types of portion control plates on the market, including these incredibly chic plates from Slimware, that no one would ever recognize as portion control plates.

3. Healthy Steps Portion Control Dressing Cruet: For some reason, portioning out salad dressing has always been a challenge for me. Inevitably, I would get out my tablespoon, purposefully overfill it, and then end up with three times as much as I should be having. Pairing that with my love for homemade salad dressing, like this yummy skinny ranch and skinny blue cheese dressing, this genius dressing container was perfect for me. Perfect container for storing dressing and the right portion every time.

4. Keep Seconds Away from the Table: One of the best tricks I ever learned about portion control was to keep second helpings off of the table. Instead of serving everything family style on the table, keep second helpings in the kitchen so you can’t unconsciously reach for a few extra bites or an extra helping. The physical act of having to go to the kitchen for another serving makes you think twice. Another option is only keeping 0 point options on the table for seconds like veggies and salad. That way you reach for something healthy when you want more.

5. Jokari Healthy Steps Portion Control Diet Tools: Personally, I have never tried the Jokari series of health steps portion control, but I have friends in WW who swear by them. When I was telling them about this Friday Five, they said I had to include them and even convinced me to order some myself. The tools take all the thinking out of portion control. Each tool, from the scoop, to the spatula, to the pasta scoop, to the salad dressing topper creates perfect portions. I can’t wait for mine to arrive.

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