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Friday Five:  Healthy Passover Recipes

Many people began celebrating Passover this week and with it’s limitations on bread, yeast, flour, corn, rice, and other ingredients; it can be a tricky time to stick to your diet and find meals that are Passover friendly. So this Passover if you are celebrating, consider trying out some of these healthier options before reaching for fried or fat laden meals. Additionally, these are great options for anyone following a gluten free diet or simply looking for a delicious and healthy meal to make.

1. Matzo Pizza, 148 calories, 4 PointsPlus®

A traditional Passover meals in many homes, especially with children, this matzo Pizza doesn’t disappoint. The key is creating a layer of cheese between the matzo and sauce to keep everything nice and crisp.

2. Chili Rubbed Brisket with Potatoes, 293 calories, 7 PointsPlus®

Brisket is a traditional Passover meal but this version is kicked up a notch with a delicious, chili rub. Everything is cooked in one dish and it makes an easy and delicious meal for the holiday.

3. Slow Cooker Pot Roast, 375 calories, 9 PointsPlus®

Don’t have time to stay at home and cook? Consider making this slow cooker pot roast recipe with potatoes, carrots, onions, and celery. It will be ready by the time you get home and makes a filling and special meal with great leftovers.

4. Slow Cooker Quinoa, Chicken, and Kale Soup, 269 calories, 7 PointsPlus®

This is a great recipe to make at the beginning of the week and keep around for quick lunches and dinner. The quinoa makes a great substitute for a traditional pasta or rice. It’s filling, healthy, and will keep great in the fridge or frozen.

5. Brown Sugar Salmon, 184 calories, 5 PointsPlus®

Salmon or other fish dishes are traditionally served during Passover and this simple brown sugar salmon is one that is sure to please a crowd. The sugar helps the fish to caramelize on top and creates a crunchy, sweet crust that is perfect with the salmon. Leftovers are also great for salads or fish cakes later in the week.

* PointsPlus® calculated by Slender Kitchen; Not endorsed by Weight Watchers International, Inc.

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I’m Kristen and I couldn’t be happier you are here. You will find a variety of healthy and delicious recipes that will not only taste great, but help you fit in your favorite jeans.

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