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Friday Five:  Healthy Cooking Magazines

I am a bit of a magazine addict.  Literally I can’t pass up on any magazine subscription deals and have the biggest piles of magazines on my coffee table, night stand, desk, ugh… they are everywhere.  Some of my favorite places for recipe inspiration are cooking magazines, and more so just reading about health and food inspires me to stay on track, try out new foods, and continually spend time in the kitchen which I absolutely love.  These are some of my favorites for great healthy cooking ideas, what are yours?  Also, this wouldn’t be a true post if I didn’t reveal my absolute addiction to US Weekly.  I am officially embarrassed.

1.  Eating Well
My Mom introduced me to Eating Well magazine after she got a free subscription with her health insurance plan. She would send me recipes all the time that she had tried and met the “Dad test” meaning they didn’t seem like diet food or left him feeling less than satisfied after dinner. She bought me my first subscription and I have been subscribed ever since. I love that all of the recipes include nutritional information and that the magazine not only focuses on great recipes but also talks a lot about ingredients and teaches me ways to incorporate new foods into my diet in an easy way. Most of the recipes are easy to make and take under 45 minutes to prepare which is a huge plus in my book.

2.  Cooking Light
For a long time I never considered subscribing to Cooking Light magazine because I could find so many great recipes on their website. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I broke down and bought a magazine and found it full of great recipes and information I hadn’t seen on their website. I love the recipes and photos and find myself constantly tearing out recipes constantly and sliding them into my recipe binder. A great addition to my collection that has given me tons of recipes that I make all the time.

3.  Weight Watchers Magazine
In my opinion anyone who is on Weight Watchers should also give in and subscribe to Weight Watchers magazine. It is full of great recipes and tips and everything is perfectly tailored to people on Weight Watchers with points, inspiring stories, and tips for staying on track. I read almost every magazine cover to cover and love the stories and recipes.

4.  Clean Eating
My favorite part about this magazine is its meal plans and dedication to clean eating, not just diet eating. The recipes are based on whole, nutritious foods that I feel really good about cooking and eating. It has lots of great recipes, including lots of snacks and desserts and for the most part everything I have made I have really loved. I also have found it a great resource on learning about clean eating and incorporating a more healthful approach to eating.

5.  Food and Wine
Although Food and Wine is definitely not a “healthy cooking magazine,” I get so much inspiration from the amazing recipes it features. The photos are beautiful, the recipes are fantastic, and pretty much everything (but some desserts) can be easily made more healthy. I always cut down the oil and have been able to create fantastic, interesting, and fun meals. I also love the lifestyle aspect of Food and Wine which makes it great for anyone who just loves the food, restaurant, and cooking culture.

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I’m Kristen and I couldn’t be happier you are here. You will find a variety of healthy and delicious recipes that will not only taste great, but help you fit in your favorite jeans.

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