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Friday Five:  Best Summer Condiments

I have a deep love of condiments. Honestly if you saw my fridge, condiments take up about half the space – it’s a little ridiculous, but what is more fun than adding a splash of this, a quick dip in that, or a large dunk in this. It’s the small things right? Today’s list is some of my favorite summer condiments. What are yours?

1. Stubb’s Sweet Heat Bar-B-Q Sauce, 1 P+ per 2 tbsp
I just discovered this barbecue sauce and couldn’t be happier that it is only 1 points plus for 2 tbsp. It has a touch of sweetness and some pretty serious heat, but in a good way – not a burn your mouth, immediately need water sort of way. It is perfect for dipping or slathering all over chicken on the grill. Also there Austin Bar-B-Q Spice Rub is incredible.

2. Wholly All Natural Salsa, Avocado Verde 0 P+/strong>
Although I absolutely love guacamole, this is a great lower calorie swap. You still get the creaminess of guacamole but also get a little heat from the salsa verde. Normally I make my own salsa at home, but when I am in a pinch (or just don’t feel like it) this is the brand I reach for. All of their salsa is delish and comes in at low points values.

3. Tajin, 0 P+
Have you ever tried eating fruit with some lime juice, salt, and chili powder? It is delicious – just the right balance of sweet, spicy, and acidic. Really, try it. Tajin is a product from Mexico which is a combination of Chile Peppers, Salt, Dehydrated Lime Juice and is perfect for fruit and veggies during the summer months. Sprinkle some pineapple, watermelon, mango, or jicama with Tajin and it’s like a party in your mouth.

4. Sauerkraut, 0-1 P+ per cup
I know – sauerkraut….but give it a try again if you haven’t in while. I hadn’t had sauerkraut for about 20 years, until a few months ago and turns out, my taste buds have grown and it’s delicious. Although I have aspirations for making my own some day, for now I usually buy mine at the store. I tend to buy Gold Mine because I think the flavor is great, but there are lots of 0 point varieties out there. Perfect for a hot dog, grilled pork chop, or apple cider marinated chicken breast.

5. Heinz Tomato Ketchup Blended with Balsamic Vinegar, 1 P+
Apparently I am late to the party on this find, but I am glad I finally arrived. This spin on a traditional ketchup is delicious and has just enough flavor from the balsamic vinegar. Perfect on a burger or to dip some homemade fries or baked potato chips.

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I’m Kristen and I couldn’t be happier you are here. You will find a variety of healthy and delicious recipes that will not only taste great, but help you fit in your favorite jeans.

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3 Response to Friday Five: Best Summer Condiments

  1. Laura B. on August 10, 2012

    Some of my favorites are:

    1. Chipotles in adobo sauce, blended up (you can use this alone in small amounts, or add it to low-fat mayo or ketchup)

    2. TrueLime (I use it with salt and cayenne to do exactly what you talked about with the fruit and Tajin!)

    3. Green Mountain Gringo salsa–a really nice, fresh-tasting jarred salsa

    4. Good-quality, aged balsamic vinegar–it’s just as good drizzled over fresh berries as it is over tomatoes and basil

    5. Frank’s Red Hot buffalo wing sauce–it gives you the ability to make ANYTHING taste like buffalo wings, without the fat of the wings themselves

  2. Susan C. on August 10, 2012

    The Wholly Avocado Verde caught my attention. It looks yummy! It is not 0 pointsplus though. I checked because if it has avocados, it just (sadly) can’t be.
    I calculated it and it comes in at 1 point per serving, which is super low and we like that too :-). Thanks for your great site and posts like this!

  3. Marylou on August 11, 2012

    would anyone have a recipe for the avocado salsa listed above…dont know if we can get that brand in Canada?


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